• Declaration of Youth Independence

    tab There comes a point in time where it is found necessary to state all of the wrong doings of our parents. The Youths of Dearborn Heights and many areas beyond hold accusations against their parents in many amounts. We hold their decisions in high questioning on many topics. It is for this reason that we must make it known to those who it would make a difference to.

    They have much higher expectations than we could ever fulfill.

    They enforce curfews at ridiculous times that conflict with our social lives.

    They are very narrow minded to the point where they refuse to accept anything we say or do that goes against their judgements.

    We are denied the right to control any aspect of our lives, whether it's what we do or where we go.

    We are refused the right to have open relationships of our choices.

    They demand hard labor (many chores) in their personal environments, even though we may not want to do them, for very little reward, let alone respect.

    They don't respect our judgements, feelings, or thoughts.

    They contradict themselves just to make us look bad and feel stupid.

    They expect constant praise from us youths for all they think they have done for us.

    They assume that they know what our next thought or action will be, like the little green men running through our heads, trying to be our conscience.

    They accuse us of trying to get away with things we know are wrong, and try to punish us for the things we do right.

    They claim that we youths are lazy and never help out around the house, despite how clean we keep it

    tab These complaints are valid and true to the lives of we youths, and we choose by all standards to hold them against the parents and/or adults we feel they have been directed at. We want freedom to be ourselves, but cannot when we are being restrained for what they say is "our own protection". We want to live our lives the way we feel comfortable. If our rooms are messy, ask us to put away the stuff on the floor so people can walk upon it. Grounding us for not making our rooms what you consider to be "clean" is an outrage. Give us Respect. Give us Trust. Give us a Life. All we want is to be able to learn responsibility through our mistakes, not through punishment. We respect adults. We want the same respect back, not separation. We understand more in this time in our lives than what we have been accredited for, due to the fact that we watch and observe in our surroundings. Respect for Adults, Justice for Youths.

    Lord Deteric