• AFter I thinked, ... Humans have their weakness and their kind side.
    ANd, humans annormally like to talking about their own friends, sometimes they'll hate their friends because of some reason, including envy.
    Well, eventhought my friends who've talked bad about me, they' don't want me to know it, but... I knew everything. This is the last story, but it doesn't meant that I don't want you or whoever become my friends! I'm very wanted it!!!
    Okay, this is the story of my friend, Astrid.
    When I went to Mathematics Olympic, ( in my town, of course! ANd just one day! ), my friends said to me that she talked bad about me. She said, " Why is she ( Me ) choosed to join that ( Olympic ) ?? She ( me ) will not win! "
    Well, okay, I've forgive Priskila and Astrid for their darkness-self ( or bad side?? ).
    The reason? It's on part 2... I think I can change, too, and I'll never mind of their bad words.

    I'm sorry, for Priskila and Astrid, ^_^ I didn't want you guys to be shame, this story just for my heart. My heart is disturbed, you know? ( I am not crazy!!! I mean, my heart is so sad and .. confused. )

    If you want to know a lot again about me and my friends, you can comment me or you can add me as your friends. And donate me please, if you don't mind, so I can make many stories again for everybody! I'll add your name on my profile so everybody can know who've donated me!

    I'll submit more fictions, non-fictions, or even poems/lyrics!
    Happy Christmas, everybody! ^_^