• ------------------------------------part 8----------------------------------------
    momo:*thinking*if i have to fight keligha alone then ill make sure the job is done right*looks up*she should be here..in this bank*walks into the bank*
    keligha:*opens vault*hahaha they would never expect me to be here this time of night....
    momo:keligha thats enough put the money down!
    keligha:*smirks*hehe well i gues i should play fairly...
    momo:*stares at keligha*this isnt a game this is a fight
    keligha:*laughs*well if its you im fighting then it wont exactly be a fight...
    kiki:*flys into the door* its not only him your fighting...
    kioki:*crashes through the roof*yeah if you wanna fight him you'll have to take us all on!
    keligha:*laughs*well i think i can take you all one with one hand..
    kiki:*glares at keligha*well i think were strong enough to take you on with no hands.*kiki makes a chunk of broken rock fly into keligha*
    keligha:*grunst and gets off the ground*well well well the small one has seom strength..
    kioki:*growls*you shut up keligha or it will be the last thing you say!
    keligha surprised yeah i rember you are the one who waited for eternal love haha
    kioki:*grimaces*thank you keligha i now have the baisis to kill you
    *kioki jumps into toe air and slams down on keligha*
    momo:*laughs*well i think ill join this fight...
    *bites keligha's neck and then throws her accrosed the room*
    kiki:*laughs*this is so fun!
    *kiki flings another rock at keligha*
    *10 cop cars pull up to the bank and aim theire guns*
    cop 1:you three are free to go thank you for your help
    momo:*comes out of the bank*no need to thank us, just doing a job
    kiki:*floats out*hehe it was so much fun
    kioki:*runs out trying to grab kiki* slow down hun, we still have to go home and relax
    momo:*transforms back*well that was a fun night
    kiki:*nods and smiles*i agree totally!
    kiok:*kisses kiki*settle down love
    kiki:*turns to face kioki*its fine im just excited
    kioki:*nods*ok i just didnt wans you to get hurt*kisses her again*
    momo:*makes gagging noise*why dont you two change back?
    *kiki and kioki change back*
    momo:*looks into the house*shal we eat dinner?
    kiki:*listens to her stomach*mm im STARVING
    kioki:*kisses kiki's forhead*we should get some food.who wants takeout?
    kiki:*jumps up and down*me!me!
    momo:*climbs into the car*well where are we going?
    kiki:well maby we could go to mcdonalds
    kioki:*thinks for a second then looks at momo*its a good idea...
    momo:*starts driving*alright. what are we waiting for?
    kiki:*climbs into car*well im starving lets go
    kioki:*climbs into car*i dont see why we didnt fly there...
    cashier:will that be all?
    momo:*thinks for a second*umm i think.....
    cashier:*sighs*sir i dont have all day...
    kiki:*glares at momo*we want 3 burgers 3 fries and 3 drinks...
    kioki:*butts in*and can i have a mcflurri?
    momo:*gasps*me too
    kiki:*sighs*well you herd them take the order
    cashire:*mumbles something*
    momo:*slams fist down*what did you say?
    cashire:*stumbles*um um nothing good sir
    kiki:*lets just go ill make noodles at home
    kioki:*laughs*good idea
    *kiki and kioki drag momo out of the building screaming*
    kioki:*opens eyes*yes hun
    kiki:*closes door and gets back in bed*i want you to....
    kioki:*thinks for a seccond*oh well i dont think...
    kiki:*interupts*butt please i want...
    kioki:*holds up finger to kiki*shh momo wil hear us...
    kiki:*glares at kioki*i dont give two fine ******** what he hears
    kioki:*gasps then recoils*well if you were more paitent..
    kiki:*looks down*butt.....kioki i know you want to...
    kioki:*bites lip*i cant say anything
    kiki:*looks up*please kioki please you waited for eternal love im ready...
    kioki:*stops kiki*i know hun. but i dont think...
    kiki:*laughs*you dont think..thats the problem
    *kiki kisses kioki on the neck*
    kioki:*pulls away*stop.stop.stop
    kiki:why? you like it
    *kiki takes off kiokis shirt*
    kioki:kiki....love, stop
    kiki:*laughs*i want to give you what ill never give anyone ever again
    kioki:no keep it i dont want it.
    kiki:* recoils* butt....
    kioki:*starts to cave in*i dont know...
    kiki:*smiles* your caving
    *kiki rols under kioki and kisses him*
    kioki:*laughs*i am not!
    that night kiki and kioki ventured into love even farther then before <3
    the end...for now