• Chapter 1: take off
    Millions of people were sitting down in the metal leather chairs lined up in rows of seven. Some children were on the ragged floor with their handheld games, grasping in there hands, some of the games were black, with reflections of the sun on the screen blinding and preventing the kids from beating the levels on whatever game they were playing. One of the games was a Bright snowy white , so bright that it was shining in the distance of where I was sitting in one of those chairs, about 10 feet away from the fragile boy, with dark brown hair that looked like an oak tree’s bark, and his pale skin arms looking as if was about to fall off his body, were holding the game. I glanced at him as he had his sky blue eyes, stubborn and concentrating on the game. He looked about 6. “Claire?” My dad said, patting my shoulder then pulling towards him on my right. He had a black stubble on his chin and his Short trimmed black soothing hair curled around his ears. His Golden caramel eyes looking like an angel stared at my, hazel shining eyes.
    “ What!” I snapped at him when I didn’t mean to. He frowned from my snap and lumped further down into his chair. I frowned back with a face telling him I didn’t mean it. He understood with the frown suddenly stopping.
    “ I know you’ll love our new home sweetie.” He smiled and straightened up as he spoke
    “ Thanks, dad I know, I just miss Florida that’s all” I responded to his comment, I didn’t want to live in Arizona, specifically Chino Valley. I missed all my friends, and mom’s coffin won’t be visited every day anymore.

    Dad heard on the intercom announced that our flight 6A, is about to takeoff, we were sitting in section 7A. I picked up my velvet oval shaped purse and wrapped it over my shoulder, and dad Picked up our green buttoned and old suitcases. We sprinted over to the hallway of the 6’s and searched like a tiger looking for pray for 6A . My dad spotted it first and I cheated by looking at his direction of his eyes facing it. We saw the people walking into the hallway that enters into the airplane.
    I opened my purse and plucked the two tickets out of my bag. I handed one to my dad, and we dashed over to the line into the hallway.
    We waited impatiently until the line began to slowly end, I went up to the Dark brown haired woman at the front desk with braids over her chest. She glanced up at me with a face that looked like she was bored to death.
    “ Ticket?” She grumbled in a deep and angry tone. Dad jumped in front of me to give her his ticket, I stumbled onto the ground without knowing it.
    0 Sorry Claire.” He mumbled in embarrassment and helped me up by pulling my arm up to stand again. I Stared at him with silence, and he just smiled gracefully like it never happened. He then pushed himself out of my way and let me give the women my ticket. I walked back to her and smacked the ticket in her hand without caring. Dad was staring into space, so I tugged his arm into the hallway to the airplane. We sprinted into the airplanes door and passed by the pilot, standing next to a waitress, both wearing sailor-like clothing and blue handkerchiefs.
    “Your seats are number 26, the last row.” he said, smiling and pointing at the far back of the plane. I sighed and stomped down to the end. My dad was rushing behind my back, swiftly holding our luggage. We got to the end and I plunged to one of the orange, tan thread seats. My dad lifted our luggage up to the luggage holder above us, then sat down next to me, panting of exhaustment. I was tired and wanted to just get to our new home as soon as possible, and jump into the bed, and sleep. Unfortunately, we have to meet the moving truck at a gas station, go to our new house, unpack all the boxes, set up my room, probably have dinner, then go to sleep. This was going to be a long day.

    “ Will we ever visit mom again?” I said, with tears flowing from inside my eye, about to come out. My dad paused in shock. I’ve never really talked about mom in front of him, it was to hard to explain about her from him.
    “ sometimes.....I’ll try to get a day off from work, but-” He said struggling to finish the sentence. I paused waiting for it.
    “ Let’s not talk about this right now Claire, not today” he said with a sigh of relief.
    “ But dad-” i interrupted from his relief.
    “ Claire....please don’t..” He said, trying to calm down and rest. I sighed and got out my purse. I searched for my cellphone and then tugged it out. It was a green rumor, it’s shiny and has a text keyboard. I clicked missed alerts, and there were 6 missed calls. each of my best friends called me to say goodbye...but my phone was off that time because of a dead battery. I was about to press call for the first one, Jamie, but then the announcer said on the intercom “ The flight is now starting. Please fasten your seat belts and turn off electrical devices, thank-you.”
    I sighed and then held down the end button for it to turn off. Then i put it back on my purse.

    Dad got out a pamphlet with a picture of our new house in the front, from his pocket. He leaned over to me pointing at some of the details he thought was quite interesting for him. He would tell me which part of the house
    was which, all I did was stare and nod, pretending to care. The house was 2 stories and had 3 bedrooms, for me, my dad, and a guest bedroom, at least that's what dad told me. The outside wall color was a tan color like sand from a beach, there was a front porch with a slide open door and 3 steps to the cherry wood, door. My dad smiled at every single thing that our old house didn’t have, pointing it out and saying
    “ See Claire, this house is better than our old one”
    Better? Bigger, but not better. Inside our old house was my childhood memories, trapped and forgotten. Technically my dad was telling me to ignore all our childhood, cherished moments, and make new ones. What I want is to make new ones, and remember cherished ones. If my mother was alive, she would just want me to live with the old memories, and don’t make new ones.

    My dad finally, opened the pamphlet and sat in awe. It showed our new kitchen. My dad made a face like he was looking at mom except it looked like he thought it was more beautiful. I felt sorry for mom.
    “ Claire! Look a BUILT in fridge!!!” He yelled like a 2 year old. The counter tops were made of marble, there was a walk-in pantry, and a golden chandelier above it. Of course, there was a silver, built in fridge.
    “ Uh-huh....” I mumbled. Dad didn’t notice the chandelier until I 0D
    accidently pointed it out by laying my finger on the pamphlet, where it was. He was cheering and dancing in his seat, all he wanted to do is run to our new home. I held my dad down and gave him a scowling from my face. He calmed down a bit, but then smiled in exitment, he was like a little brother. After the scowling my dad tryed to puff up like a man again, he looked really gay when he tryed. I chuckled and he looked even more stupid. He tryed to puff out his chest so it could touch me.
    “ Punch it! See how strong you are!” He exclaimed. this started to get embarressing and annoying, so I scooted away from him in my chair as far as I could. I made my eyes widen to look like I didn’t know him.

    The plane started to shake, and I could feel the wheels on the plane rolling.
    “ We are now taking off, please hold on and be sure that your seat belts are fastened.” announced the intercom . I checked my seatbelt, which wasn’t even on me yet. Then I put it on and tightened it a little. The plane was going fast, and I was getting sick, so I closed my eyes, and slept.