• There i saw him, riding on his dapple grey horse, Henry had found me at last. I had news for him, news that i do not want to share with him, but something i have to say none the less.
    "Henry, I have something to say and i know it will upset you and hurt you, but i can not bare to hide it from you now"
    "Margarete whatever is it that you are talking about? What has happened in my absence?"
    "I am so sorry, but I have formed another deeper bond with another man that is not you, I am now telling you formally that the engagement is off"

    I couldn't bare to see his face so i ran in the opposite direction, away from his face that i could not bare to see in pain, because i know that after coming back from the war, the pain that i just caused him was the worse pain imaginable at this point in time. But before i could turn away a dinglr tear roled down his cheek.