• Chapter 1-Magic (preface)

    My aunt took care of me since I was very little. You see, I was left wrapped in a teddy bear blanket out in the woods. When she was hiking, my aunt found me. Upon finding me, her motherly instinct kicks in. She named me Magic, a name that I hate and love (well, 50-50).She called me that because I was the most magical thing that happened to her. She cared for me like I was her own flesh and blood, not like my good for nothing mother. I hate her for leaving me their defenseless to anything that could gobbled me up. My aunt has no husband, her other husbands (there were 3 of them) had died mysteriously and left her tons of money. I was curious about that, she told me to mind my own business that one night I ask.Well,enough of my aunt, what I’m really going to tell is when I was 12 years old, I accidentally burst my aunt’s car tires, not with spikes but with my mind…that’s when my problems began.

    Chapter 2-Cosmic Intervention

    It’s been 3 years since the day I burst those tires, now magic is like second-nature to me. A powerful weapon for a little girl like me. Me and my aunt are similar but not related. She has dark brown hair and green eyes as I am, many scars as she was adventurous when she was young. Now she just hangs back and relaxes all the time in Pumpkin Vale. I told her about my abilities and surprisingly she didn’t care. She said that I have this remarkable gift and use to my advantage.Nowadays,I use magic to sort clothes, clean my shoes, doing my homework correctly(secretly of course),pick on the neighbors(shutting their electric in the house or preventing them open the windows and suddenly opening them when the give up)and my favorite getting to school flying.

    Well, one day a man came to our house. I didn’t see his face as I was preoccupied with my video game. I heard my aunt say “I guess it’s time now”. My aunt called me so I paused my game and started to her position.

    “Well, hello there young girl,” the man said in a deep voice
    “Hello,” I replied. The man wore a green trench coat and a pink hat with a flower stuck on it. His face was dashingly handsome. What an odd combination for a man of that beautiful and perfect face. I was star-trucked.
    “Come inside and have some tea,” my aunt said quickly dismantling my day dream
    And we threaded the beaten rug to the living room while my aunt goes to the kitchen.
    “My name is Cosmic,” the man said as we sat down.
    I thought what a funny name. All I can reply is “Good to see you”, I coughed a laugh.
    “I am here to tell you something, something remarkable,” he paused
    “Well, spit it out,” I said for waiting for nearly 5 minutes.
    Then my aunt came and brought tea and muffins. Yummy. Cosmic take a sip of the tea and taken a bite from the muffin, slowly.
    “I came from a school of wondrous things, the school that many envy and many can’t come because they didn’t have the talent,” Cosmic said.
    “What, is it like a talent school or something?” I said, trying to make a joke.
    “Not a mere talent school, it’s a school of magic,” he said with a chuckle that made my heart stop beating.

    My eyes twinkle at that word, I gulped and said,
    “M..m..magic?”I said quivering.
    “Yes,” Cosmic said calmly.
    I look at my aunt and saw that her eyes were wet with tears. I looked away so as not to cry also.
    “Okay, so am I invited or something?” I fought back the tears that are struggling to surface. Suddenly, I realized something.
    “Hey,how do you know I know magic?” I asked with a demanding tone.
    “My dear, we’ve been tracking you ever since you burst our aunt’s car tires and even before that,” he said.
    My aunt’s eyes flares.Oh no...the storms coming. I never told her about that.
    “So, you were the one who burst those tires!!!” she yelled loudly. I think even Africa can hear it.
    “Dang it...”I said.
    “You said some boys punctured those tires!” she yelled while rising from her seat.She was about to strangle me.She has a very bad temper.
    “I spent the whole week trying to find those boys.Going house to house, asking parents about their boys! I was like a fool doing that!!!”she screamed.
    “There, there, calm down. It wasn’t her fault, it was the magic within her that caused it. She can’t control it.” Cosmic said while trying to keep my aunt from strangling me. She calm down a bit when she knows there’s no point for killing me.Phew, save by the man.
    “So,” ignoring my aunt’s raves.
    “You guys were tracking me down?” I asked.
    “And I have to come to your school?”
    “Right now?” I asked a little excited.
    “Yes, but not until you hear this letter,” He flicked his wrist and a musical voice came out of his mouth that said-

    “Dear Ms. Magic Andrews,

    We here at The Royal Phanzer Magic College hereby declare you a student of our school. We are grateful to accept your talent and we can make sure you are valuable asset to our school. Term starts on 15th October 2007 and ends 15th August 2008.We enclosed a list of books and things that you must purchase. Good day to you.

    Sylvester Hopkins
    (Vice Headmaster)”

    Another voice came that’s more business-like.

    “Things for juniors to purchase.
    -Stationery (Copper and Gold are NOT allowed)
    -Miniature dragons (Parikh and Rabiz are NOT allowed)
    -Miniature universe (Giant inflatable ones are NOT allowed)
    -Miniature humans (5 humans have to be purchased)

    Text books to buy.
    -Magical Mathematics by Bulging Eyes
    -Magical Beings and Animals by M. Scrawny
    -Astrological Path by Piers Upward
    -Human Anatomy by C. Surgeon
    -Poems by I.M. French
    -The Legend of Phanzer by K. Wood

    P/S-Wear normal clothes only.”

    With a flick of his wrist, the voice died. He coughed.
    “Can I have a glass of water please?” he said with a cracked voice.
    My aunt hurried to get water from the kitchen.
    “I hate that spell, it always makes my voice crack,” he said.
    “Can you do it again? I forgot to write it down,”I asked.
    “No need to write. I remember it all. It’s all in my head. You can’t easily forget about the things you say,” he said it with hard work.

    My aunt came with a glass of water. Cosmic sip the water.
    “Wow, I’ve never thought I can get to a school like this. But, what about my old school?” I asked.
    “No need to worry. A little mind alteration spell and all your teachers and friends know that you move suddenly to Scotland,” he said matter-of-factly.
    “WHAT!!”I yelled that even my dog, Adam woke up.
    “You told them that?!”
    “Yes,” he crossed his legs crossed business-like.
    “You didn’t even ask me if it was okay?! Why I oughta punch you right now!! ”I threatened.
    “So? You hate that school,” he said.
    I deflated a bit.
    “How do you know?” I asked puzzled.
    “Mind reading,” Cosmic said simply.
    “Oh…”He was right. I hate that school as much as I hate rats. And I don’t have many friends. Just a handful of them.
    “Now, go and get started on your packing right now. We have to go and buy your books and things,” he ordered.
    “Okay, but don’t bother with the stationery. I have them up-,”
    “No, no, no,” Cosmic intervene.
    “This is not your regular stationery, they are controlled by your magic in writing classes,” he explained.
    “I’ll explain later,” he said upon seeing my confused face.
    “Now, go and pack,” he repeated again.
    I nod and quickly ran up the stairs. The next thing I knew I was flying not up but down. I landed. Head-first.
    “Ow,” I quip. My aunt who was reading a book quickly came to my rescue. I touch my head and felt something warm and sticky. I looked and immediately threw up. Blood. I always puke even the slightest sight of blood. The pain was unbearable, it’s like a giant rock pound our head a million times and you wouldn’t die. You just keep suffering there forever.
    “Now, now. No need to panic,” Cosmic said as he saw my aunt worried face.
    “You can use magic to heal that wound,”
    “How?” I asked, not wanting to throw up again.
    “Focus,” he said. Sheesh…that’s all he can say? I began concentrating to heal my wound. Then, I felt nothing. No pain. I touched my head and there’s no blood.
    “Phew, you had me there,” my aunt sighed of relief.
    “Well,” Cosmic said as he’s looking at my confused face,
    “That my friend was magic,”