• It’s a dull autumn day as I walk to his grave.
    The sun is trying to peak out but the gloomy gray clouds overpower it.
    As I walk I can hear the leaves crunching under my heavy feet.
    The leaves are so dry.
    So crisp.
    So dead.
    “Why did he have to die?”
    I wonder as I slump along the worn path to where he lay.
    Then I saw it.
    His tombstone.
    At that point I totally lost it.
    I sink down to my knees and hold myself as I start crying uncontrollably.
    I shout to him.
    “Why did you have to go!?!?”
    I knew the answer.
    It was his time.
    But that fact still doesn’t bring comfort.
    I sit, think, and cry
    I sit looking at the dead flowers I had set on his grave the week before.
    I think about what might have been.
    Satie Hawkins.
    Two years ago I had run from him at that dance.
    Now I am wishing he could join me for my last Satie Hawkins dance.
    I would totally ask him this year.
    I cry out my feelings.
    Why did he have to go?
    He was just a teenager about to stretch out his wings and fly.
    If he was alive would I have a date for prom?
    Would I have someone to give me long comforting hugs when I have a bad day?
    And maybe have someone to steal a kiss from every now and then
    I know I need to let him go but it’s hard.
    I shake my head and look around at my surroundings.
    There, about 10 feet away, is an old man walking slowly towards a grave.
    He is walking stiffly and slowly as if he is in pain.
    But then again who isn’t in pain when they come to a cemetery?
    In his hands are a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped box of chocolate.
    Dressed in all black he makes his way to his wives grave.
    How do I know it’s his wives?
    On the chocolate box I can read a note.
    “To the love of my life, my wife forever, Cecilia.”
    He carries his cane hooked on his arm.
    He stops by an old gravestone and sets down the chocolates and roses on the grave.
    After he does he takes a hankie out of his pocket and dusts off the gravestone with it.
    He kneels and bows his head.
    My guess is he is praying.
    I look away at that point and turn my attention to the daisies I had brought for my boy.
    I have liked him for two years.
    When we finally did tell each other he dies.
    Just my luck.
    I guess we were not meant to be.
    I wipe my eyes and put all the daisies but two on his grave.
    I look back at the old man.
    I think I can see tears streaming down his old wrinkled face.
    As I look at him now I think I finally know the meaning of the word I never could grasp the meaning of.
    Now I know love is eternal.
    Once you start loving someone you never stop.
    It doesn’t matter whether it is friend love or relationship love.
    Even in death love exists.
    I get up, still holding the daisies, from my kneeling position and go over to the old man.
    I put out my hand as his sorrowful eyes look up at me.
    He places his wrinkled hand in mine and I help him up.
    A look of understanding passes between us.
    He turns after a nod and walks slowly back towards his old Cadillac Deville.
    I call after him.
    “Im sure she will always look down on you from heaven and love you more than anything.”
    He turned and said in a cracked old voice,
    “I know. Thank you for everything young lady. You remind me of her. Thank you.”
    I stand puzzled.
    “I didn’t do anything!” I call back.
    He says “No you’ve done more good than you will ever know. God bless you.”
    With that he gets into his car and drives away.
    I head back to Cecilia’s grave.
    I say: I don’t know who you are but I can tell your husband loves you very much.”
    With that I lay the two other daisies on her grave and go back to the reason why I came here in the first place.
    I look at his grave with the newly laid daisies.
    I take the letter I had written him earlier and place it by his tombstone.
    “Thank you. Thank you my boy. I will never forget you,”
    I manage to spill out.
    I start walking back to my car.
    Suddenly I feel a light warm breeze pick up.
    The sun comes out of its hiding place spreading light and warmth everywhere.
    At this moment I know he is not gone.
    He will always live on inside my memory.
    We will see each other again…
    True love never dies…..