• tab You just do not know how relationships are going to work out between your parents. You don't even know how its going to be in the end, but some people they just do not accept someone into the family because of the past and then even recognize thats not the real reason you did not accept them, you could call it dislike, what ever.The only thing that matters is it all ends in the end, or its your just confused and don't don't even understand why.
    tab Things go down hill all the time, but ever since the second left the third was untrusted, i bet you could see why saying its hared to trust once someone broke your heart and you think who ever comes along to become your step mother that you will get close and then they just leave you too. I guess thats why i never trusted her I regret it a little but I felt something else was going on and when i realized that it was was something else. the way my step mother was. Its like she only cared about making herself look good, You know when she left I thought she did not really care and i was right she is also a thief as well or greedy I heard her on the phone saying she was going to take as much as she can like she was going to take are things too. Guess what she did she stow a lot of are things including pictures and thats sad. It made me mad but I never said any thing because my dad was sad enough.
    tab Did i tell you that they were only separating because my step mother needed time away and before that she would go to the gym all the time and only take the youngest kid with her. that the kid was not even old enough to understand if something was going on between her and another that could have been her problem. but i really do not know what here problem was. Of course I don't know what it really was I think to be honest she just did not want to be with my dad any more, but none of it is my bis nous so I don't know and don't care part of me is glad she is gone but another is not I mean I got completely close to my younger step siblings that it does hurt to know that there not here anymore there not getting on my nerves of not able to joke and go off with them. One though its hard to be away from because she is like a real close sister, we have so much in common its not funny. the thing is though she is not here so I have no won to talk to when I am sad and bored. that does not mean she will stop being my sister because she is spiritually were both Christians is what I mean by that spiritual sisters.
    tab Any way I don't trust her or what ever since the beginning I thought it was because she was that I did not want another step mother and I sorta did not want one and then it followed by this trust issue, but I really do not know about the hole situation i may have even be going about all this the wrong way but as fare as the way i feel about her I don't think that part is a lie because she acts like she knows it all but she does not as I said she tries to impress people to make herself look good but thats wrong and that a big reason why i don't like her because, well you have to be around her long enough and day to day to know what I am talking about. it all does not matter any more she is gone but is still apart of my life I kinda don't want her to be, but I don't want to be away from the others as I want to be away from her I guess you could say it is complicated with the way I feel and all since the beginning when I developed less trust for a step mother and to be honest I am glade I am the age I don't have to put up with it any more well almost the age.