• Celsius sat up in her bed. She couldn't sleep with all these information
    swirling around her head, so she got up and went into the kitchen to get something to drink.She drank a glass of water and tried to go back to sleep.She was about to go on the balcony to look at the moon when she
    saw Tide right in her face.
    Fallen Leaves hurried to Celsius's house he could hear a faint squeal
    coming from the door."Celsius!"he thought. He tried opening the door
    but it was locked. A voice inside his head said,"Fly up the balcony.
    That's the only way."it said. He thought that was the craziest idea
    ever, but the voice said that it was the only way. He pictured himself flying up to the balcony. White feathery wings sprouted out of his head.
    He closed his eyes and flew up to the balcony.The voice returned and
    said,[Are you sure you want to enter? You might not want to see this.Fallen Leaves took in a deep breath,"I need to do this."
    he told it.
    Celsius said,"Tide! What are you doing?" she said. He put his finger to her lip,"Ever since the day you were crowned princess, I couldn't help myself.
    I wanted you all for myself." there was a long awkward pause, but he continued,"I've loved you ever since.Now that Fallen Leaves' memories
    are gone....." he put a spell on her hands so she couldn't break free."Let me go!" she yelled.
    Fallen Leaves heard that sweet (but angry) voice. He kicked the door open and saw Tide and Celsius close together.Tide grabbed her and kissed her. Fallen Leaves felt like he'd
    been fooled all along."Celsius doesn't love me." he thought, she never did. He dropped the bottled necklace and it shattered. Into a million pieces.
    Celsius started crying " He doesn't love me anymore! He'll never love me again!" she said.
    She transformed into her usual self and jumped off the balcony and flew away. She flew to a
    nearby cliff overlooking the ocean. She sat down and said,"He'll never want to see my face
    (P.S. The voice was Celsius's mom just if you wanted to know.)