• It was all a blur.People Running past me,fire burning all around me,Cars exploding,it was the end of the world swear to God.Running away from the terrible reality of the ending world. I know it wasn't true,i can just feel it.
    I decided to take refuge in a 2-story building that was the Meat shop.
    I decided to walk around and see if anyone else was here.None.
    Not a single soul in this place.I looked out the window and watch the horrifying fate that is happening to others.Some where being Flung 20 meters down the street and coming to a stop.While i was staring at the lifeless bodies piling up at the end of the street,something hit me that was to painful for words.i felt my soul being pluck out of the home i call a body and heading into the unknown universe that flew past me at a million miles a second.when i landed lightly one my feet, i was in a dim,black hallway.the dim light was at the other end of the hall so i decided to go towards it.

    When i was half way there,these....Things came out of nowhere and pinned me to the wall all clawing my back and biting my legs.At that point,i knew i was i Hell. I started to Pray,yelling the Lord's name and praying for help.

    It felt like a eternity,i couldn't feel my legs,My back was bleeding so bad i started to slip into a coma.i could see the blood create rivers on my chest and the blood on my legs created a flood of red.I started to cry wondering if i would be Satan's Slave for the rest of Eternity.

    Then,when i was in my final seconds for life a Bright,golden white light appeared where i started.The Lord himself risen his hand and banished the things from the very spot i stood.At that moment,God had touched my back with his ancient finger and healed me,making me feel reborn.I could see Satan Roaring at God and then god did something so Amazing,i could see Satan Crawling back to he's Place he was exiled long ago.

    The next thing i remembered,i was in my house,in my work cloths above my sheets.i looked out the window and saw no fires,no demolished cars.
    No bodies at the end of the street,just........ a safe haven.i looked up into the sky and saw the Gates to Heaven. I knew that,i was in Heaven and God saved me from Satan.