• This is a bad dream, just a bad dream…I’ll wake up and I’ll be fine…safe…bad dream, just a bad dream, just a bad dream.
    I keep telling myself as I hold my head, rocking gently back and forth with my eyes shut tight…so tight they’re almost watering. I don’t know where I am…I woke up yesterday in a completely white room, no apparent doors or windows…just a painful white that hurts my eyes. I can’t help but shake under it’s intensity, I’m not used to something so bright. I’m still here…only the room’s different today.
    I open my eyes just enough to see out of and look up…

    …the walls are still melting…turning black and melting…
    I hurriedly close my eyes again and continue to rock. Why wont the black go away? Why wont I wake up? What’s going on? What’s going on?
    Am I doing this? Am I the one making the room black? Or am I just seeing things?

    I’m finally going crazy…I want out of this box, every second feels like a stab in my chest. No one knows I‘m here. No one knows to come and look for me.

    Not that anyone would.

    There’s a screeching in my ear now, as if the room is shrieking as it dies, as it caves in around me…begging me to stop what ever I’m doing before it’s too late.
    Why wont it stop?
    Why wont it stop?
    Stop shrieking!
    Please stop!!