• Say, do you ever know yourself? or have you been pondering over if you really know yourself?

    Yes, it is true that we are confused and frustrated by our own beings. We, as human as we are, have that sense of emotion for we are not as perfect as gods can be. It is the sole reason as to why people tend to imitate others. They don't know who they are, and because of that they were confused of how they are made real. They did not see the real beauty inside them and that's why they begin to envy others.
    We as humans,tend to see the negative side. We think we have no hope to change for we are not perfect. But, if we look on the bright side, we can think that we, humanly as we are, are more sensible,strong and solemn when it comes to feelings and emotions more than any life forms.We have the strength to fight for our own defenselessness, carry out the best we can to survive in the cruel world. We humans in the world have the greatest gift of all, the gift of sadness,pain ,and happiness. We and none other than have the power to cry,laugh,shout or do things that carry out our emotions.That's why we sense the feeling of home, with love,pride ,and dignity. We feel that we are not alone in the world, we gain friends, bond with them, tasting with them pains and sorrows as well as laughter and joy.We are sensitive to the needs of others, and we have our own good. Yes, each one of us has its own uniqueness that brings us our talents which make us special and different from others.
    So, take life as a challenge. Don't ever give up. you, whatever you might be, good or bad, has its own thing which no one has. You are very special,and it is in your hands on how to grow it. Don't ever think you are alone. This is a big world, yes how big the world might be, has come from different histories and legends that had made it great. the same with you. There will be sufferings and pains. But, if you really want to grow you must overcome it. Do you know that precious pearls under the ocean come from the lobster's pain of letting it away? do you think a child could be born without its mother crying for pain? Yes, it is pain that makes your life worthwhile to live.