• Greetings and salutations brothers and sisters in Christ. A warm greeting to those of you who have yet to receive Christ as your personal savior. In this article I want to discuss sin, what it is and whether or not all humans sin. Please have your bible ready, or if you do not own a bible but wish to read the scriptures I put up then go to BibleExplorer.com I will be posting the scriptures as we go so that you may see what the lord has to say.
    What is sin? Many would say sin is murdering, lying, stealing, and other things along those lines. Those are indeed sins but they alone do not describe sin. Sin according to the bible is disobedience of Gods law. The first sin was a sin of disobedience when Eve and Adam ate from the tree of Knowledge. God had forbidden them to eat of the fruit, but they did and thus had sinned against him. Now let us look at that for a moment. Why did God forbid Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of Knowledge. Many people have said that it was so He can control them, keep them stupid so they could rely on Him. that answer is false and designed by Satan, it was even used in the bible. God was protecting his children from evil, in Eden there was no evil, Adam and Eve knew only good. And without knowing evil they could not be evil.
    Sin is disobedience, from the Apple in the garden to Sodom and Gomorrah to Lots wife becoming a pillar of salt, and to Jonah who was swallowed by a big fish. (Now to those of you who have not read the bible or heard the stories there in, Lot was a man so when I say Lots wife I am not meaning lots of wives.) From Genesis all the way through Revelation you will see where sin is committed and every time it is done people are doing something God told them not to do.
    How far does sin go? Don’t be fooled by his question and think it means let's see how far you can throw sin, it doesn't. Jesus told the disciples that if you look upon a woman and lust after her in your heart then you have committed adultery with her already. And women, this holds true for you looking and lusting after men as well. However Jesus is telling us about more than one sin, although not directly. He is saying that if you even intend to do something sinful, then in your heart you have done it already. We are held accountable for our thoughts, our dreams, our desires, our words, our actions. The human brain does not keep track of every Conscious thought , and we have no idea what our unconscious mind is thinking, but we are held accountable for anything that goes against Gods law even if it is only a thought. Some people shout "That’s not fair!" and others say "No one's perfect!" that is true, no one is perfect but Gods' standard is perfection and you would not want it any other way.
    God knows our hearts, our minds, and our souls. He knows everything we are going to do, we are planning to do before we do. He knows exactly what our future holds and when those hidden mysteries are going to happen. He made a law, and expected us to follow it, when we break that law then hell is our punishment, but Jesus is the way out. By His sacrifice are we able to escape the debt of our sins that we cannot pay. God loves us, and He died for us. Still, only those that accept Jesus can get into heaven. So what about everyone else. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." Jesus said that without accepting Him as our Savior we could not get into heaven.
    God punishes us for our sins, and hell is the final punishment. Do we deserve it? Yes. God gave us everything and we disobeyed his only commandment in the beginning. Are we responsible for Adams and Eves sin? Yes. We are responsible because the sinning did not stop with them, it carried on through the generations infecting every person on the Earth. Do we all sin? Yes. We lie, we cheat, steal, murder, covet, commit adultery etc. one or all of those will mark you as a sinner, marks any of us as a sinner. the base fact is we all have at one time or another disobeyed Gods' law, and we still are. Now in the next article I will talk about the Judgment. I know this article is short but it makes a point. The next article will explain why Gods standards are so strict. So I wish you a blessed week, and I shall pray for any of you who leave comments on this blog or message me privately. If you have any questions feel free to ask and if I know the answer I will pass it on to you. God bless!