• Imagine that you are late for work. You are running down the halls with only a slacks on. Your shirt has disappeared from where you left it and it is really making you mad. As you are turning the corner to head down stairs, the family dog is waiting for you at the top tail wagging. Well you miss the dog and go tumbling down the stairs. On the way down you manage to rip your slacks bruise your arms and hurt your back. When you hit the floor the dog is there waiting for you. Still being late you run for the laundry room and there is it hanging up, the shirt. You put it on and head for the door. Now your back hurts and your slacks are ripped, but the meeting is waiting. You open the door and out the dog goes. While wasting time trying to get the dog back inside you step in a pile of dog poop and get those new dress shoes ruined. Finally you get the dog inside and run for it. You don’t make it on time to the meeting and you look horrible, and smell horrible too. That big promotion you were waiting for just went to the next guy. It was the dogs fault.
    Dogs are nuisances in humans’ lives. They shed and leave presents all over the house for their owners to clean up. This is one of many reasons why people should not have dogs in their house. The cost for a dog may rise every year of its life. The reason that it does so is because the dog gets older and ends up needing more medical attention which in fact cost more money and when they die it hurts the family more than ever. But why cry over these big dumb animals. They only make humans lives miserable for the time that they are alive. They bark in the middle of the night at nothing, they shed all over the house and on their owner, they are hard to clean up after, and they cost more than a pet should.
    Cats on the other hand are not hard to clean up after. They may in fact be the easiest animal to have because they do not require a lot of attention. All that cats require from their owner is food occasionally and maybe a few toys to play with. When a cat is brought into a family, they think that it will be a long term thing, and it is because cats usually outlive dogs sometimes by double. This is exactly what the family expected for a long term pet, they can be bought while the child is young and it may still be alive by the time that the child leaves for college. So when the cat eventually dies, it will have lasted through the child’s entire childhood and the children will be able to cope better with the loss.
    The big question between these two animals is: which one gets in the way the most. Well since dogs are not accustomed to and probably not allowed to climb up on top of counters and couches, they are usually seen flopped directly in front of where one is trying to walk. They may not mean to have tripped you but it is still their fault. Cats on the other hand are found in window sills and on top of couches, where they are up off of the dirty ground and out of the spots where they would get stepped on. Cats in this way are much smarter.
    Cats overall intelligence might even be a few steps ahead of dogs. They know when it is time to eat and they will let the human know by meowing and rubbing on their owner’s leg which shows that they are not happy with something because they have left their usual sitting place. Dogs on the other hand, walk up just as they usually do and set a paw on the owners lap, if this does not work then they may start to whine and make small barking sounds that gets on everyone’s nerves. This does not only make the owner mad because there is a dirty paw on their lap but also the dog is right in their space and it is making sounds.
    Cats and dogs seem to be today’s choice for recommended house animals. So next time you are thinking of getting an animal don’t go out and choose a dog, no choose something much better. This animal is smarter and takes less care than a dog, it is a cat. While you are thinking about this, you may want to think about how it will help you in life. It will not be waiting for you at the top of the stairs, which means that you will make it safely down the stairs and not rip your pants. This time when you open the door the cat will stay lying on its chair. You will make it to work on time and you will get that big promotion that you had been waiting years for. The cat of course will be the one that helped you there, but it would also be helping itself. Because the more money that you will be making with the big promotion means that you will be able to spare more cash for the cat.