• The Legacy Chapter 3: Meeting Fierce

    Chapter 3: Meeting Fierce

    The Voice:"What the hell are you guys doing?"

    They both stare at the doorway there's a man standing there about there age looking at them with his arms folded.

    Cold fear:"Uh who are you?"

    The man started walking towards them.

    The man::"Me my name is fierce I'm here to take you guys back with me"

    Cold fear:"O...well my name is.."

    Fierce:"Yea yea yea I already know your names"

    Dragon:"Hey you better chill out"

    Fierce:"O really what are you going to do to me, you can't beat me"

    Dragon clinched his fist

    Fierce:"Whats the matter getting a lil mad there ha"

    Cold fear:"I don't think you wanna do this Dragon"

    Dragon:"Well I am"

    Dragon swung at Fierce. Fierce ducked. They began fighting, fierce dodge everything Dragon threw at him. He was just toying with Dragon. Dragon got more enraged he got faster Fierce was barely keeping up that's when he realized he should stop toying with him. Fierce stopped him with a punch to the gut he thought that would knock him out but he was wrong Dragon grasped on to Fierces arm and stuck him with a hard hit to the jaw Fierce feel to the ground.

    Fierce:{This is really starting to piss me off}

    Fierce disappered underground. Dragon looked around but couldn't find him. He showed up behind him and gave Dragon a strong hit to the back of the neck which knocked him out. Dragon feel to the ground.

    Fierce:"Geez, now lets go"

    Cold fear just stood there and shook his head

    Cold fear:"You want me to grab him"

    Fierce:"No I got him"

    Fierce picked up Dragon and put him over his shoulder. He began to open the portal once the portal was open Fierce and Cold Fear walk through they ended up at the place were Dragon and Cold fear first met Dragoon. Dragoon was standing there waiting for them to come. He looked at Dragon on Fierces shoulder.

    Dragoon:"What happen to him?"

    Fierce:"I kinda had to knock him out"


    Fierce:"He tried to fight me"

    Dragoon:"I see"

    Fierce put Dragon on the ground and shook him to wake him up. Dragon woke up and looked around.

    Dragon:"O were back at the place in my dreams"

    Dragoon:"Welcome back"

    Dragon:"HUH!....o its you grandfather"

    Dragoon:"Did you enjoy your fight?"

    Dragon:"No not really...he cheated to beat me"

    Dragoon:"Hm I see"

    Fierce:"WHY YOU!!"



    Dragoon:"(sighs) do you guys know why your here"


    Dragoon:"Good, with in the next few months you guys will become stronger. There will be no time for fooling around. There's a war coming soon and you guys need to be ready for whats to come. Now I'm going to unlock the years of training you have locked up"

    Dragoon walked towards them and put his finger tips on there heads. When he did that they both fell to the ground and went in to a state of sleep.

    Fierce:"How long will the be out"

    Dragoon:"A day"

    Fierce:"And this should help them"

    Dragoon:"A lil bit they still have ways to go"

    Fierce:"Yea Dragon more than Cold fear"

    Dragoon:"What do you mean?"

    Fierce:"When Dragon tried to fight me he became angry I felt another source of energy flowing through him I didn't understand it....and you never told me that he was that strong"

    Dragoon:"Hm....That other source of energy might be from one of the three great kings...they both have that in them. The problem was when Dragon was born his abilities were unstable so they had to be locked up til he was able to control the ones he has now...n sometimes when he becomes angry his energy changes when he's in the heat of battle or is becoming mad."

    Fierce:"I see....You said there's three great kings so there's another person out there with powers like them"

    Dragoon:"Yes but we don't know who he/she is...If they get into the wrong hands this world could end as we know it"

    Fierce:"Hmm...so how are we going to find them"

    Dragoon:"When the time is right they'll show themselves..till then we must wait"

    Fierce:"But I don't get it are there powers different or the same"

    Dragoon:"There different...Each king had there own powers but mastered elements..people tried to duplicated this but couldn't most ended up dying"

    Fierce:"Hmmm didn't your son try to do the same thing"

    Dragoon stairs hard at fierce

    Dragoon:"(sighs) That story is for another time"

    Fierce:"Ok...oh and could you explain to me why Treson and Razor are trying to kill Cold fear and Dragon?"

    Dragoon:".....They were fighting those two...how could this be they were both sealed away...I personally sealed Razor away when he tried to come back again....somebody must of released them"

    Fierce:"So what does this mean now that there both back"

    Dragoon:"Until there both dead this means hell on earth"

    Fierce looked at Dragoon, He saw that Dragoon was serious about what he was saying before Fierce could say anything a strange aura came from around Dragon and Cold fear.

    Fierce:"whats going on?"

    Dragoon:"I don't know..this could be the power of the kings"

    Cold fear and Dragon began to lift up off the ground.

    Fierce:"The hell??"

    The aura around them made them stand on there feet then the aura disappered. Dragon lifted his head up.

    Dragon:"[Yawn] man what a dream it seems I'm done with your training granddad"

    Cold fear:"Yea so am I"

    Dragoon:"I don't understand it takes a day for you to learn everything"

    Dragon:"O we learned everything it came at me pretty quick...what about with you Fear"

    Cold Fear:"Yea it was weird to but hey at least were done with that"

    Dragon:"Yea now on to some real training been waiting for this"

    Cold Fear:"So have I"

    {Mean while} Treson and Razor have been having fun in the real world

    Razor:"Brother how long do we have to wait for them"

    Treson:"Give it a month and they'll be ready"

    Razor:"Ok good I'm tired of killing some of these people"

    Treson and Razor stood over a destroyed city..they left nothing but dust......

    TO BE CONTINUED.......