• The Demon Princess and The Death.
    It all starts on that one god forsaken night. The air was stricken with the stench of blood and demon. The moon was bright, yet bloody red. A woman sat near a pack of wolves holding her newborn. The baby’s body was covered in marks of all sort. The baby cried softly getting used to the world outside from its mothers womb. Khan a white wolf king sniffed the baby. “It’s a girl”, Khan said and sat back down on the ground. Akamae, the mage held her daughter away from her and made a face of disgust. “She was supposed to be born the perfect child Khan, why isn’t she?!”, Akamae asked. Khan lowered his head and thought for a bit. He then lifted his head and sniffed the child. “She smells of demon and hatred. Though she was born to a mere witch and a wolf, she will be perfect..even with those marks..”, Khan said and lowed his head again. Akamae groaned slightly and a tear ran down her face. “I wont treat her like a daughter, she is not my blood..I wont except her as my kin.”, Akamae swooned with delight. Khan just sat there, about to attack out of rage. His mate was about to throw away his only kin and he was just sitting there. He had to do something before it was too late. Akamae grinned and muttered a long spell over her daughter’s young heart. Soon the baby’s appearance was nothing more then a human baby, her marks were covered and her body shape changed slightly. Khan was just about to attack but Akamae opened her mouth. “Her name will be Mayuki.”, declared Akamae as her smiled. The wolves howled in agreement to the name. Khan licked Mayuki’s face wishing her luck for the future and howled to the bloody red moon. “May…the…gods..protect…you..daughter..”, Khan muttered as he walked off back to his mountain. And may you bring peace to your mother cold and crewel heart. You don’t know what’s coming to you.. Akamae stands up holding her daughter, not caring if Mayuki was about to fall from her or not and walks home. She opens the door to her mansion and lays the baby on the edge of the glass table. “I’ll be right back little cursed one. I’m going to find something for you, Zanatha? Watch her please, make sure if she dies you can dispose of her body”, Akamae whispered. A lady with long light blue hair and a belt made out of jars filled with souls stood up from her chair and held the child. “What a misfortune. Your own mother hates you just because she wont listen to your father’s words..but you are..perfect. Never lose faith and you will make our family rise from the depths it has fallen into.”, said Zanatha slowly cradling the child. Akamae runs back holding a torn old sack dress. “This will be fitting for the monster”, she said as she took Mayuki from Zanatha and dressed her. Zanatha sighed and sat back down slowly shaking her head.