• Atashi No Hana
    "The Beginning"

    It was raining that Saturday night. Mikan looked out the window, she sighed. "Will Big brother come back home mother?" asked Mikan. "Ermm...Y-Y-Yes Mikan." Mikan's mother said in a not-so-sure tone. It was already morning. Still, Mikan behaved and looked at the window, Waiting for Kai. (Kai and Mikan has strong relationships) Mikan was already tired.......She closed her eyes....She was already fast asleep. As Mikan was sleeping.....She had a dream about her Brother Kai. The dream was ---> *Mikan was crying* "Big Brother Kai will not come home anymore!!!" shouted Mikan at her mother. "Please don't say that Mikan! Y-Y-Your Brother left by his own. I didn't know anything about it!! Please Mikan, Understand the situation here!!" Shouted her mother almost in tears. "B-B-But WHY Mother?!? Why does Kai have to go far away from us?!?" shouted Mikan crying. "He has to leave. He knew about his Kami." said Mikan's mother. "K-K-Kami? W-W-What is that Kami thing mother??......" said Mikan in a shock.
    "Kami is a power. It's only a name for power, So it's called Kami. Your father Mikan, Had a Kami. The Kami of Ice." Explained Mikan's mother. "So you mean....Kai has to go b-b-because he has this stupid damn Kami thing?!? Is it mother?!? So Kai betrayed us...." Mikan said in a shout and then she dashed through her room. "Mikan p-p-please don't be angry!! Kai has left only to study at this private school!" said her mother hurrying to Mikan to grab her hand. But too late, When Mikan's mother was near into grab her hand, There was a bursting light coming out from Mikan's body. Mikan shouted "Mother!! Help me!!!" Mikan vanished in front of her mother's eyes. The last thing she saw was -- Her mother was crying when she was vanishing... Mikan came from this place out of nowhere....A forest......"Where the heck am I?!?" then Mikan heared footsteps coming near. It was a boy.....Mikan gasped.....But too late the boy already......

    -the end-
    Ahehe....too be continued.... XD