• It was a good saturday night. Nothing to do in town today, so why not play some left 4 dead. I called up my friend and invited him over, he came a half an hour later. We had already beaten the game, and decided to present ourselves with a challenge. So we amped up the difficulty to advanced, not knowing the challenging it would really be...

    Safe Room: We were playing as the biker, and the soldier; I was the soldier. I took dual pistols, a shotgun, and a molotov. He took an uzi, an attract grenade, and also dual pistols. Everyone took a medical kit, and with that we left the safe room. I moved towards the door; killing the zombies outside. My hand stretched out and lifted the bar from the door, it fell with a clang. I opened the door and sent my friend behind me for cover...

    Hospital: We walked up the stairs and reached the long hallway. Many doorways along it, we new that there had to be atleast twenty zombies hiding. So we did what we always did in these kind of situations, we threw an attract bomb across the hallway. To our expectations many zombies ran out, fianlly gathering towards the small grenade; they al perished within seconds from the blast. Halfway along the hallway we heard crying, I looked at my friend and said to him "It's witch hunting time."

    I found the with in just mere seconds after saying that. Curled up in the fetile postion crying inocently. I drew my shot gun and shot it in the head. It didn't die. Irritated, it ran towards us and severely injured me and Louis. We all killed it together, but remembered for next time not to hunt the witch (Especially in advanced!). We reached the end of the hallway and kicked open a vent leading into a back room. We fought our way through until we reached the ladder to the roof. We climbed higher to the next level and I was constricted right away. The smoker was killed with ease and sent falling downwards. Unconstricted, I and my group moved to the roof. nothing opposed us up there, so we simply climbed down unto the lower roof that was connected to the hospital.

    Mock Safe Room: We moved to a small shack of a house and held out there. Healing ourselves and after taking new medical kits. We reloaded and closed the main door. We radioed for help and awaited the helicopter to rescue us. Immediately the horde raced towards us, norms, smokers, hunters, boomers; the usual. We held out quite easily, killing the norms coming through the windows. The situation looked under control until I was barphed on by a boomer. Many more came as that happened. We thought the situation couldn't get any worse as Louis died, and my friend was constricted, until... a tank came. I unconstricted my friend quickly and we all changed to auto shotguns (Even Zoey, smart Ai.). It barged through the door and ran towards us. We unleashed a volley of shot gun rounds, and it fell to the ground; dead.

    It wouldn't be long until the chopper came, but it was getting really difficult. We were all barphed on, for I accidentally shot a boomer up-close. The last wave was coming and we new we couldn't hold the bottom floor, so we moved to the roof of the building. My friend manded the minigun and I and Zoey watched his back. A large amount stormed towards us, so as they came up the stairs I threw my molotov and toasted a good few of them. The others were taken care of by sheer bullets. As we finished off of the last of that wave, the copter arrived.

    The Landing Pad: We raced towards the pad as soon as the helicopter landed. Not noticing the oncoming horde behind us. Zoey was constricted and barphed on, so I left her to perish, but my friend attempted to rescue her, racing into the horde with nothing but an auto shotgun. He was actually doing pretty good holding them off, until two tanks came charging through the crowd. Just as Zoey was unconstricted, she was punched right off of the building; we mourned her passing as we fought for our lives. Thinking of the odds I left my friend at the ramp leading upto the pad. He was defeated, knocked down unto the floor. He shot for his life killing a few more zombies. The tank finished him off brutally (As described later...). With all of my allies dead, I needed to get into the helicopter. The remaining horde charged after me as I reached the chopper. My heart racing, I jumped in an attempt to land in the helicopters loading part; I... failed. Miscalculating, I hit the side of the aircraft and was pinned to the ground by a zombie. Soon after, I died as well.

    This is a true story. And yes, that was very embarrasing missing the jump. -_-

    Feedback is appreciated.