• It Was Approx: 11:00 PM in the summer of 2008.

    I was with my dad, we were driving back from the O'Hare Oasis, grabbing food on our way back to home. About 5 minutes after leaving the Oasis, I spotted a Object in the sky,

    It was shaped like a T, With 3 Lights Across, And 3 Lights down (Note: Lights Were White). At first, as many of you would suspect, I thought It simply was an airplane, till I realized that, non of the lights were blinking, like usual lights would do on an airplane. Also, the the movement of the object was NOT an Airplanes movement. It would go back and forth at a rapid motion, and it was traveling, FAST. Me and my dad ended up attempting to chase it, but It sped off into the distance.

    This experience was my first and only experience of a UFO.

    Post Some Of Yours Too! :]