• Night,

    So dark, so cold, and so full of nothingness.

    Creeps in this slow pace of time, with a million shining stars in the atmosphere.Oh, how I envy their blossoming beauty.And I so envy their freedom.

    When will I begin, to feel the freedom I long await for.Why must I suffer the labour, that my master has instructed me to do.

    Rayze always had that in mind, for a young albino bunny, he wasn't given the freedom a young bunny was suppose to have in his early 16 birthday.

    But before he could continue residing his favorite poem, in his head. A tall masculine wolf, gave a ig slap behind his head. Making Rayze jumped up in surprise, by the unwelcoming slap against his head.

    "Yo, bunny you there? Master wants you to be prepared tonight, for your daily "bonding". said Soro.

    Ah, Soro,my one and only chum I have ever been friends with since grade school.He was a fine young lad, athletic, quick with words, and very supportive of his friends. Now that's a guy I would be most honoured to call, my best friend.

    "I will, tell master I'm preoccupied , for the moment." said Rayze.

    "Preoccupied? With what, may I ask?" asked a curious Soro.

    (I can't tell him that I'm not "really" busy. But I have to buy myself some more time , for another minute of peace.Please lord, let this work.)

    "I'm writting a poem of my love for his, Eminence" told a lying Rayze.

    Silence was in the air for a few minutes, until Soro had the guts to quote on Rayze's answer.

    "...Fine. But remember, the master isn't patient with late comers" replied Soro, before exiting the room. Nothing was said after that, Rayze had another minute to spend his time alone, and Soro did not accuse him for any suspicious actions.


    Rayze walked steadily towards the briefing hall, he really didn't want to see his master again, but who was he to judge his master's desire.After all, he was just his follower.



    Rayze stood in front of the main door in hopes he wasn't inside, waiting for his arrival. Please dear lord, let the master be on another mission, and not in this very room.With a final sigh, he entered the Victorian room. And to his gruesome fears, the master was there, waiting for his arrival, along side with Soro.

    "Ah, Rayze so glad of you to join us. Please, have a seat."said the Master.

    Rayze obediently pulled up a chair and sat close to Soro, but further away from his master.

    "I hope the two of you are fully aware of my latest briefing, on the recent murder of Count El Lewes Stevenson.And the enforcements are pinning me to his murder, as one of the suspects.The talk is open, please give any ideas you can come up with, to prove my innocents and to find the real murderer, who killed Count El Lewis Stevenson.