• Chapter 2
    The Camera Obscura

    I was still shocked at what i saw, it couldnt be true, maybe is was the light
    being reflected off the mirror or something, i know ive felt other presences in the past, but ive never been able to accept the fact that those prences might be those who have past on, ghost to come to the point, my mother always used to tell me and my brother that we was different, special, that we had a sixth sence to feel the presence of supernatural forces, but me and my brother came to the conclusion that it was just ghost stories to scare us as kids, buts after what i just saw, im starting to question my own believe, maybe the departed still lingure on this earth, even after death. Its already becoming to much to handle, the researchers dissapearance, my brothers dissapearance, whatever it was i just saw and the tales of this mansion. But i cant turn back yet, i still must find my brother. I stood back on my feet, it was very dark and cold, i could see my own breathe, picking the torche up off the ground i heard a creak on the stairs next to me, it was mafuyu, he had'nt noticed me, i called out to him, "brother, brother" he didnt react "BROTHER!!!" i shouted. He turned and stared at me, he looked as if he didnt reckanise me. "Its me Mafuyu, its Miku, dont you reckanise me", he didnt say anything, he just carried on climbing the stairs. i followed him up the stairs, at the top of the stairs there was a balcony leading round the main hall area and a hallway leading down to what looked like the back of the mansion, well this part of the mansion anyway. mafuyu was on the balcony stairing at me, he said something, "At my feet is the camera obscura, it is a powerful tool used to protect the one whos here to set the condemned free, i have failed that duty and now it is upto you my dear sister Miku". He disapeared after he had given that message to me, i picked the camera up where he was stood, it was a strange looking camera, sort of old with a flash and a filament at the bottom that gave off a starnge blue glow. But what did my brother mean, this is supposed to be used to set the condemned free, does he mean that there is really souls trapt here, and what did he mean when he said he had failed that duty, wait, no he cant be de......., no im not even going to say it, he must be still alive, i can feel that hes still, its a sort of special bound between siblins. Its seems that to find my brother i must first free the souls trapt in this mansion and uncover the truth, i think this camera might help, but i still have no idea what it does or how i use it, i think most of the answers might be somewhere in this mansion and if not, well i suppose theres somethings you just have to figure out yourself, now i think since im on the this floor i might aswell carry on going on the second floor, anyway, i dont think im ready to face the roped hallway again, even if im armed with this camera.

    Chapter 3
    Mr Takemine's Apprentice

    The camera had a strap on it that i put round my neck, i decided that i was going to search the second floor, so i started to head down the hallway.