• At an early age i suffered with a very bad cold, it nearly killed me. One day i couldnt move out of my bed as my bones were very weak. I slowly found myself going into darkness.

    Then i found myself going into a tunnel with a very bright light at the end. At the sides were what i though were people, maybe ghosts? As i got near and nearer the light i found myself meeting up with a beautiful angel/ghost, well thought she was a princess at a young age.

    She had a white flowing dress on and what i though were wings but i couldnt see very well. She looked nice. She then said my name 'kelly'. Its not your time to go, things will get better. she said softly. as i was quite young i didnt know what was hapening. She smiled and then i woke up.

    I was in hospital, apparently i had been put in a coma for a day. Then the nurse told my mother, my they had found a cure for my illness.

    I am now a happy healthy woman, and still think of that angels face. Im glad she spared my life.