• Itachi

    1. By him a weasel and tell him that that’s his mom’s boyfriend when she had him.
    2. Ask him why he let Sasuke live every 10 seconds, and when he tells you say liar, your just to weak
    3. Grab his ponytail and rip it off.
    4. Tell him his “new due” is much better then the old.
    5. Sign him up for the military.
    6. Call all his fangirls up whenever he takes a shower.
    7. When they get there turn the water to cold.
    8. Steel his fingernail polish.
    9. Steel his cloak and give it to his fangirls (make sure he chases you there).


    1. Dye his hair purple.
    2. Ask why he is so blue every time you see him.
    3. Force him to watch jaws and tell him that’s his mom.
    4. Buy him a cat and give him the sent off tuna.
    5. Eat sushi right in front of him.
    6. Replace his shampoo with tartar sauce.
    7. Sing the jaws theme every time you see him.
    8. Set him up with a date with your pet goldfish.


    1. Buy him a Barbie doll.
    2. Replace all his poison with kool-aid.
    3. Ask him if he ever gets splinters.
    4. Dress his puppets up like clowns.
    5. Tell him that Deidara’s theory of art is correct, and his is wrong.
    6. Remind him that his parents are dead every day.
    7. Tell him that he sucks at life and he should go get killed by his grandmother.


    1. Put balls of his clay all over his room and activate all of them when he enters his room.
    2. Ask him what his gender is, when he tells you call him a liar.
    3. Ask him if his handmouths are good kissers.
    4. Tell him that Sasori’s theory o art is right and his is wrong.
    5. Constantly remind him that he is going to be paired up with a major idiot.
    6. Call him Blondie ever time you talk to him.
    7. Ask him how many fanboys he has.
    8. Bomb his room and tell him it’s called irony.


    1. Tell him that Jashin isn’t real.
    2. Sneak into his room and write Jashin sucks all over his walls.
    3. Sell his body to science.
    4. Point out the flaws in his religion.
    5. Tell him that his God’s son’s name is Jebus.
    6. Count ever curse word he says.
    7. Point out every sentence he says where he doesn’t say any cures words in it.
    8. Tell him his religion sucks.
    9. force him to believe in your god.


    1. Burn all his money and force him to watch.
    2. Pay him to go in front of everyone and say Hidan got me pregnant.
    3. Donate all is money to charity and say Pein did it.
    4. Sing the song U-G-L-Y every time he enters the room.
    5. Ask if it is real easy for him to get heart attacks.
    6. Ask for 20$ and promise to pay it back but never do.
    7. Cut all his stitches.
    8. Call him ugly every time you see him.


    1. Rip out all of his piercing.
    2. When he demands to know why you did that tell him now he deserves the name Pein.
    3. Make fun of his parents.
    4. Constantly ask him if he is related to Naruto.
    5. Ask which one of him is the boss.
    6. Call him the forth hokage.
    7. Stare at his piercing all the time.


    1. Light a match next to her.
    2. Tell everyone that she is in love with Pein.
    3. Tell her that Zetsu is having a relationship with her flower.
    4. Crumble her up like an old piece of paper.
    5. Read her diary in front of Pein.


    1. Take out the weed whacker and hold it up to his head.
    2. Call him bipolar.
    3. Bring how a flower and shove it down his throat.
    4. Point out that he breaks the laws of physics.
    5. Throw weed killer all over him and watch what happens.
    6. Put him in the same room as a flower and see what the results are.


    1. Force him to take off his mask.
    2. When he does say ewe just put it back on
    3. Spray paint his mask pink.
    4. Call him stupid.
    5. Ask him about his past.
    6. When he refuses to tell you ask why over and over.
    7. Punch him in the arm.
    8. Kick him where it hurts.