• Tobi had gone outside to escape from Hidan's taunting.

    "Why doesnt anybody like Tobi-san?" Tobi asked as he walked along the bushes kicking small rocks and crushing the newly fallen leaves. "Tobi is a good boy, right? What did Tobi ever do to Hidan-san?"

    Tobi had had a horrible day. Besides the taunting, He had nearly broken his mask, and lost it too. "Sometimes, Tobi just wants to give up..." He mumbled.


    Deidara was working on some clay statues again. Though, he hadn't seen Tobi all day. Surprisingly, it was boring. He went out to go ask the others if they had seen him. All of them said, "I dunno." Yeah, REAL helpful.

    'Remind me to blow you guys up later.' He thought to himself. He went outside to the surrounding forest. Actually worrying over Tobi.

    "Whats wrong with me?" he mumbled.


    Tobi heard rustling and his name being called. He immediatly knew who it was. "S-Senpai?"

    He had been crying. But with his mask, no one could tell. Tobi stayed hidden, not wanting to be seen. Deidara had walked right past Tobi. He was hiding behind a tree.

    'Why was Senpai looking for me?' Tobi wondered.


    "Tobi you baka." Deidara said as he sat down.

    He was sincerely worried. Yet he was disgusted with himself.

    "Why am I so worried? It's just...well...it's just Tobi..." He mumbled.

    Deidara didn't hate Tobi. He was an okay kid! But, he never worried over him like this.

    "Why..., why do I...-" He heard something rustling and got cut off.


    Tobi was trying to hear Deidara and he nearly fell. He immediatly straightened up. But, Deidara had already heard. He was walking towards the tree. Then Tobi fell out of the bushes.

    "WHA-TOBI!!!" Deidara was PISSED. "Where have you been!? I WAS SO WORRIE-" Deidara cut himself off, blushed, and span around. "C-come on." he said.

    Tobi walked on. 'Did Senpai say that he was worried about Tobi?' Tobi slowly lifted his mask, to wipe away a tear...


    Deidara wondered what was taking Tobi so long to follow. So he turned around. A gasp escaped his lips at what he saw.


    Tobi looked up sharply. "S-S-SENPAI!!!" He tried to cover his face, but there was no prevail.

    "Tobi-kun..., why do you try to hide your face? There isn't anything wrong with it..."

    Deidara tried to take a step forward, but Tobi ran.


    'Senpai saw it, he saw it! Senpai saw my face!' Was all that was going through Tobi's head as he ran. He was going as fast as he could, but Deidara tackled him to the ground.

    "TOBI!!! STOP!!!" Deidara yelled.

    Tobi wouldnt stop struggling.

    "Tobi, please dont make me do...THAT..."

    "TOBI DOESNT WANT SEMPAI TO S-" But Tobi was cut off by deidara kissing him. "S-S-Senpai k-kissed Tobi... Why...?" Tobi was blushing so much he looked like a tomato.

    Deidara was too. "You look better with the mask off. So... , you can just stay like this...around me..."

    Tobi hugged Deidara and they both got up. Once they got home, Tobi got in bed. Deidara kissed him on his lips. Tobi returned the kiss and they made out passionatly.

    "I love you Senpai." Tobi said with a yawn.

    "I love you too baka."

    Tobi closed his eyes and slept.


    End~ ninja