• Kaname sat where he was, his head resting in his arms, his eyes shut, bored as always since no one seemed to want to talk to him, despite all his efforts to start conversations with everyone who passed by him. Now he was almost asleep, bored out of his mind, and completely out of it, his head spinning. His bluish hair now lay in sheets about his face, obscuring his closed eyes as his mind went else where to the previous years, weeks, days, hours, he never knew what day it ever was.

    In his mind’s eye he stared into a square, almost like a television set as he stared, a picture beginning to form on the crystal glass that seemed to shimmer. Then all went dark for a few seconds every now and then as he blinked, a picture coming into view. A dark aired boy appeared in the corner of the now darkened screen, his face pale and gaunt, yet still held a timeless beauty look about it. The boy’s dark eyes expressing great life and fear as the boy flinched away as a shadow fell over him. The dark eyes darted about erratically, yet never wavered from the shadow that moved closer to the boy, almost looming over him.

    There was a sudden rush of colors and a sound of a suppressed scream. There was another cloaking of darkness as the slave blinked again. There was another noise, far more over powering than all else, a crack of a whip and another suppressed scream accompanied by laughter and a child’s voice, a small whimpering and choked back tears. “Please… no… leave him… alone..” It was the dark eyed boy again, his voice constricted by pain, speaking as he moved, lifting his arms to his sides as if shielding someone or something from view or harm.

    Soon a mewing sound join the sounds as a small, furry creature appeared out of the corner, mewing tentatively as it peered around the boy, still whimpering and shielding the cat. More laughing erupted from every crevice of the square screen he watched through. “Step aside you silly boy. We aren’t going to hurt the little thing. Any way, what does it matter? It isn’t human like you pretty. Just give the creature to us and we won’t have to cause you any pain. Come on. You are a smart boy, now do as I say and everything will be fine.” The tone for now was persuasive but after a few moments in which the boy must have disagreed the tone changed to anger and aggression.

    The scene soon disappeared into darkness in which all became dark and everything was out of color and context as only flashes of movements could be seen accompanied by screams of pain and shouting and laughter, a tentative mewing continuing in the background through out the entire thing. At this everything disappeared from view as it did when ever the slave neko blinked, only this time the picture did not return, not for some time. And when it did the whole things was distorted.

    The boy with the dark eyes seemed to have disappeared all together as if he had not been there at all. And now the three large figures moved ever closer to the cowering, mewing creature. The men’s faces could not be seen for what they were but only shapeless blobs of blackness and glee for only their twisted grins were possible to see. “Well, well. Should we kill him now?” “The question is not when it is how? I prefer to cut off each little piece of flesh one at a time.” “No, we won’t do that. We won’t kill him. That stupid boy thought it would be best to save him, so we might as well honor the last wishes of the dead.” “You and your stupid theories on death. Any way, what‘s the big deal about this cat any way?” “Just because I don’t believe in dishonoring the dead doesn’t mean I don’t believe in fun. And once you see you will know”

    The man who seemed to be the higher power in all of this then turned to the creature, bending over and picking it up by the scruff of the neck and shook him roughly. “Come on kitty kitty. We all know this is just an act. Hurry up and change back to the cutie I saw before. Change back otherwise I will have to refresh your cute memory of your friend. You wanna see him, huh kitty?” He asked in a tone that dripped of malice and greed with a hint of impatience.

    The other two stared at the man in confusion. Before their looks changed to glee as the furry creature changed into a boy of thirteen or fourteen with silvery hair dyed red with the other boy’s blood. “My my.” Called one of the men in amusement. “He all for us?” The man now holding the boy by the shirt collar nodded and the seen disappeared again this time to reappear at a side ways view of the dark eyed boy, now ashen faced, stained with blood, his eyes still open, tears glistening in the corners of the dark brown eyes.

    The scene finally laid to rest, not to appear again as he opened his now burning eyes to see the cold ground with a shadow looming over him. His heart began to race, though it was unnoticeable. His rush of emotions soon became less restless as the shadows moved, though his heart remained the same erratic beating as he looked up as he heard the voice of the figure. He nodded quietly as he stared, his face pale and childish, his now bluish hair about his girlish face, looking at the man, now at eye level. Through long girlish eyelashes.

    “I’m awake.” He answered back as he stared at the smug grin, wanting to ask if he was sleeping because he was either that or blind to miss that no one was safe here if they slept. Though he supposed it was not safe whether or not you were awake or you were asleep, either way you were subtle to attack and pain. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly as he rubbed his eyes, noticing that there were burning water in the corners of his eyes. “May I ask who you are mister?” He asked curiously in a childish tone, looking at him cutely, his cat tail now wrapped around him, his cat ears laying flat against his head cutely.