• Chapter One: Back Home

    I woke up to the sound of gravel under the tires of my mother’s vehicle. I sighed; I knew it was the time I dreaded. I glanced at my mother while putting up my seat. She was staring hard at the dark blue house she had once lived in. My Mother Christine was a fairly beautiful woman, light brown waves of long hair with blue eyes, and a Royal Blue blouse on.
    The reason why we are even here in the first place is because, well... My Mother and father have had a divorce about eight years ago when I was eight, I only saw my father in in summer time , ofcourse it stopped after a while. Eventually, my mother had re-married a man name Thomas Grimes. Thomas was a local docter .Thomas aand my Mother had been saving up and planning to take a trip around the country. I wasn't ready to keep moving to different schools so I decided to leave my mother and live with my dad.
    After that my dad just lived alone for that period of time. He needed someone to have company with at the house. Now, I’m not saying he couldn't take care of himself, but I know he wanted it.
    My mother sighed and looked over at me with a sad vibrancy. She didn't approve of it at first but I talked her into it. I gave her a little smile. We both looked over to the door that just shut on the front porch. There stood my father. He didn't change much. He still had the black beard and curly black hair. Still wears flannel shirts with jeans with some holes .My father’s name is Ron Bloom. He’s a construction worker in town.
    He smiled and waved to us. I gave him a little wave back and started to open my door. I did a little cat stretch and yawned. Driving Florida to Pennsylvania takes too long.
    Ron walked over and hugged me."Rachel you've grown since I’ve last saw you!" he said. I had forgotten how much of a bear hug he gives.I let out a giggle."Hello to you as well." I replied. We ended the hug and he turned to my mother."Hello Christine and you've changed a lot as well." he said smiling. She smiled a little bit and was hesitant to give him a hug.
    Ron suddenly turned to the car and stared at the boxes piled in the truck."I guess if we want to make great timing we should start unpacking, right?" he turned to me and said. I nodded and looked over at my mom. She hasn't said a word.
    Rachel I hope you don’t mind but I invited an old friend of yours, you remember Robert right? Robert Glass?" he asked. I took into a deep thought and tilted my head. The name Robert ran through my head for a second or two until it hit me. I laughed with joy. Yes Robert Glass. My old friend who lived down the block. He use to come and bug me every day to come play with him. He was one of the shortest boys I knew and I called him short stuff."Yes I remember short stuff." I said with another laugh.
    We waited about 6 minutes until a navy blue dodge truck pulled up in the gravel. I saw two men in the truck. The first one who jumped out must have been Robert's father because he was looking like in his 40's.Then the second boy climbed out. My mouth suddenly dropped. I shouldn't have called him a boy, but a bear!
    "Rachel!" the bear boy called out."R-Robert?" I replied between breaths."In the flesh." he said. I suddenly shouted out "Man, is your house a gym or something?!Look at the size of you, you’re huge!”That made him laugh especially like a bear. It threw me off guard a bit and I jumped. Well I’m huge but your shrimpy as ever!" he called back walking towards us, his father walking with him. His dad smiled at me and shook my hand."Rachel, dear god have you've grown so much since your last visit!" he said with a southern accent."Your old man has been too excited to know you’re finally moving in with him!”He suddenly turned to my mother and said with a low voice, “Hello Christine."."Hello Martin." she growled. I ignored the two of them glaring at each other. I turned back to Robert."Should I still call you Short stuff or Bear boy." I asked. He chuckled and said "How about just Robert for now huh?” he replied. Ron suddenly pointed out that we should get packing. We would have it done in no time no doubt with “Bear Boy” over there anyways.