• My heart pounded as I spotted the malevolent, vicious man as he brandished his sharp, shiny knife in the air. He was ready to strike at any moment. He all of a sudden brought down his knife with speed like the world's fastest cheetah. The knife violently cut into the soft, chocolate item. The item screamed in a last cry of agony as it was mauled by the man with the knife. That was the sign that the party had begun.
    As the party was beginning, there were boxes with crimson polka dots and autumn bows on the very tops of them. The area the boxes were being stowed away into was a pitch black room with various squeaks and screams. It was connected to the room with two beds laying next to each other in an L shape. The room also contained two amber book cases with enormous books and a poster that contained a huge sun-like bird known as big bird from the little kids' show known as Sesame Street. The poster read, in big yellow letters: "READ AND GROW!" Of course this was the room the child that the party was for was sleeping in at that time. This kid happened to be a tall child of extreme proportions and a knack for knowing the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.His weird name happened to be Bob Pickledoofus.
    Of course, the day was the magnificent day of May seventeenth. Bob was very excited for today's events. He was about to leap with joy as the thought of opening presents filled with all kinds of wonders in the world went through his head. He even thought it would be cool if he got one of the seven most beautiful wonders of the world in one of his presents, such as the Eiffel Tower.
    Bob sprinted to his room to change from his drab, dull pajamas into his new, exciting clothes that would shine in the darkest rooms. Although when he violently fell down the stairs, he witnessed a shocking surprise.
    Bob did not spot a cake at all in his kitchen. He did not even spot a single present left on the counter at all either. Bob started to bawl his eyes out as he realized that his birthday was forgotten.
    As Bob stumbled back up the stairs, he spotted a sign that was at the top of the stairs that declared, "For crying out loud, go look in the closet that you never even bother to look into!"
    Bob's spirits skyrocketed as soon as he read this. He darted right into his closet to find so many boxes. They weren't just any kinds of boxes. These boxes had polka dotted wrapping paper that smelled like the morning scent of maple syrup that people always put on their pancakes. As he ruffled through the presents, he saw one that screamed, "OPEN ME FIRST!!!"
    As you may have already guessed, he rapidly opened that one first. Inside he saw a crudely written note that looked like someone had splashed water on it. The note read, "Go outside to see some people."
    Bob rushed down the stairs with his presents and dashed out his crimson door to find all of his friends and family with a cake sliced in many pieces. I shouted out to him in a weird scraggly voice, "I'm surprised you didn't wet yourself today!"
    Bob violently opened the rest of his presents afterwards. He was very pleased with each one he received. Bob concluded to himself that this was the best birthday ever!