• in the night, if you take out a light, and look out the window, you might see, a frightning and mean looking figure. If it has a dagger and horns, and looks like its the undead, with blood staining its cheeks, look out, because you might be next! I hope he dosent see you watching, because then you will be his new target. He is the underworld assassin, with his demons armor, he is a legend, a legend that strikes fear into the hearts of many. It goes like this: once there was a boy, a weak boy, who was teased and bullied by everyone. he had no freinds to stand up for him, so he stood up for himself. Did it work? No. No matter what he did, he could never beat them. Until one day, when he was walking his dog, he saw a large hole. He was a curious little fellow so he went in. The dog however, ran all the way back to the boys house and pawed at the door until the boys parents let it in. The boy went all the way through and saw a portal. He went in and saw that he was teleported into the underworld! The boy was so frightned that he was parilized! Then he saw a figure walk over, pick him up, and put him in demon potion! He was outfitted with demons armor and a demons dagger, and he was then and forever the underworld assassin! now he wants revenge on all of the world, including all the people who teased him! Thats the story.
    The End