• The book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott was about four girls---Meg, the oldest, Jo, the tomboy, Beth, the shyest, and Amy, the youngest. Other characters in the story were Mr. Brooke, Mother, Laurie, and the girls’ father (Mr. March). The March family was very poor and went through some difficult experiences.
    To begin with, in the story “Little Women”, the family got a letter from their father who was in a war. The girls were very excited. He said he was well and hadn’t gotten badly injured yet. Everyone was glad that he wasn’t hurt.
    In addition, Jo cut her hair very short, so that she would earn $25. She did this because her family was very poor. Amy thought Jo’s hair was very beautiful, so she was surprised. Her mother was very proud of her.
    Another problem the family faced was when Beth got frightfully sick. She had caught a terrible sort of fever. Beth’s family was very scared because it was possible Beth could die. Mother was at her bedside at all times—until she became much better.
    Lastly, Jo’s dream finally came true. Her book was published in the newspaper! Everybody in the March family was very joyful, especially Jo. At supper, Jo read it to them. It was very entertaining for the girls because Jo was great at acting out the characters.
    This book was full of many different emotions, from happy to sad, from grumpy to gloomy, but at the end, it all turns out all right. The family realized that there was more to life than being rich. Most anyone would love this book and should look for it in their local library or bookstore. This concludes my report on Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.”

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