• She was there, waiting me to say something. Silent like a rock.
    I felt all shaky, I felt like if she was a tower and I was a ant.
    She was standing right in front of me and I wasn't able to say anything. Her sharp blue eyes, her pale skin, everything about her was dangerously attracting, but scaring me off.

    « I just can't handle this anymore » I said as all my body was shaking like a car rolling in a full of rock highway.
    She started looking at me like if I was a total freak. I felt like she was about to explode.
    « Why, I mean how can you say this ?! What I've done to you ?! » She started screaming.
    Everyone at the prom was looking at us. I was so embarrased I tought I would die.
    She started crying and ran away.

    Everyone was looking at me saying I was such a retard and all to break her heart. But they didn't seem't to know that she was a real demon. She was faking it all. But nobody wanted to listen to me. She is a real demon, and nobody wanted to believe me, all because she was faking so well that she was looking like a poor innocent animal.

    Did you already fell like if you were one Versus 1,000,000,000 persons ?
    And that one of these persons, was the devil, and using everyone to destroy your life ?
    Well that's what is happening right now.
    She is the devil. And I will show it to everyone. I know I can find a way to...