• Prologue

    NCIS, Naval criminal investigative service, this organization deals with the murder and terrorist attacks associated to the marines. NCIS’ star agent, Special agent Gibbs, is a turning point in his career; once again the spot for ‘The Director’ the head of NCIS, is open. Special agent Anthony DiNozzo, stepped up for the job after the death of a comrade, Ziva David, Special agent Ziva David and Special agent Timothy Mgee were on a terrorist case when hell had broke out. A Mossad officer, Mikal Nmunat, had been sent on a mission to retrieve Special agent Ziva David, a former Mossad officer. Ziva refused and was murdered by one of her very close friends who in turn committed suicide, right in front of Special agent Mgee; Special agent Anthony DiNozzo blamed his best friend, Agent Mgee, for the death of his comrade. Tony in turn wanted to catch the one who planned the death or capture of his favorite person. NCIS refused him to the post of director and Agent Gibbs refused the post of director. So now everybody has to work on the same team with people they really don’t like anymore, but now there is a space to fill. Very new Special agent Allie Bayer is a sniper dropout to the marines; or rather the marines wouldn’t allow her to go to war preferring to see her pretty face in an office, which was not her cup of tea. Tony had been distraught, genuinely infuriated with his friend Mgee, Gibbs struggling to cope with one of his favorite agent’s death and Mgee attempting to help his girlfriend Abby to be calm and trying to tell Tony he couldn’t have helped. Allie walked into the NCIS fully confused at where to go, what to do and why she was there. She ran into Special agent Anthony DiNozzo in evidence bay, she had been looking at the computer monitor her back turned to him. He thinking she was a spy or something stayed silent and crept up behind her then he placed a hand on her shoulder and swung her around close to him, he had her in a head lock and then realized she had known he was there, she wasn’t all tensed up like she was about to react, then he realized she was quite pretty, she had on a dark purple hat similar to the florescent orange one Tony had taken from Ziva’s house, she also had on a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans and he could see a pocket knife in her pocket. She placed her hands on his arm around her neck and he pushed harder on her neck. She bit her lip and closed her deep brown colored eyes and dug her right thumb in between the two main bones in his fore arm, it didn’t hurt but it made him let go and she swung around to face him curious to why he let go, usually they would fight on not just stare at her. “Who are you?” asked Tony looking at her in disbelief, “I am Allie Bayer I was called here by your new director, and he says I am assigned to Special Agent Gibbs’ team.” She answered; Tony felt a gut wrenching pang to his stomach and looked at the girl accusingly, how could they have replaced Ziva so soon, it had been what two weeks, but he remembered Kate they had replaced her after what three days. “Follow me I will show you to your desk.” Tony said irritated and Allie nodded.