• Yes, the King of Pop has left us. It came suddenly when he was found not breathing due to cardiac arrest and rushed to UCLA Medical Center. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him for almost a whole hour, then rushed him to the hospital.

    He was just getting ready for a comeback tour; he had been rehearsing for 50 shows starting in London, the first to begin on July 13th.

    Quincy Jones, who was Jackson's close personal friend and who also produced "Thriller" which sold a worldwide 50 million copies is quoted as saying "For Michael to be taken away from us at such a young age, I just don't have the words."

    And neither do the fans.

    When the news broke, a low groan was heard in Times Square. Radio stations launched marathons of his hits and MTV switched from the current programming to play Michael Jackson videos. Shocked fans gathered outside UCLA Medical Center, and when some were approached with the news on camera they were absolutely stunned.

    How did you react to the news?

    Like many, I am sure you were shocked and dismayed that the King of Pop is gone, and the only thing left is the memories, the music, and the legend.

    And the scandal.

    But perhaps we should put that aside, now that he has left us? And just focus on when he was at his prime during his career with his brothers as The Jackson Five and his phenomenal solo career? What can we do about the allegations of child molestation anyway? I think we should put that aside and just remember Jackson as a great performer and a kind-hearted person.

    Remember the way he would blow the roof off anywhere he came to perform at; the way his CDs would fly off the shelves the minute they were released. The way his videos have millions upon millions of hits on YouTube. Remember how everybody in school was learning how to Moonwalk and breakdance. Remember the good times. Can we do that?

    I am going to; it brings me a lot more comfort in his loss than any other way.

    RIP Michael; you will be missed.