• Me and her met wen she was in 7th grade and i was in 8th grade. We werent the closest friends but we were still friends.

    We went to skl together that hole year and talked on and off wen we could. But then the skl year came to a end and i was moving to kentucky.

    I went with James to go pick up my mom from work and she told me that Maray and i made the front paper. And i was filliping out i thougnt it was the coolest thing. She said but she died. And i flipped out in a worse way. She told me that she had died in a bus crash. I was so sad we went home and i stayed in my room all weekend and cried i barely came out. crying crying

    i just couldnt believe one of the most wonderful girls on the planet died. So my nana sent me the paper and i read it and saw the bus. It was horrid. I could barely read it my eyes watered so much. I miss u Margay.

    Margay was a girl who had no enemies, and if someone ddnt like her she would confront them, not stoop to there level.

    heart In loving memory of Frances Margay Schee. heart

    If you would like to know more about this go to youtube.com and type in Frances Margay Schee.