• I've got friends.
    friends who cared about me
    friends who really enjoys life
    the type of friends that everyone know

    we trust each other,
    we always keep our promises,
    and no matter what trouble we went into,
    we always have each others back

    we work as a team,
    we work just for fun,

    and now that there all memories in my head
    the friends i known and loved
    had disappeared, right before my eyes

    I'll never see them again,
    I'll never enjoy life as i did back then.
    No one cares about me now,
    and Im all alone.

    As my friends went on to a happier place,
    I went on with mine...
    living out their lives for them.
    I'll keep the promises i made
    and when ever trouble comes running down towards my way,
    the friends I had,
    will always be their to back me up...in this world or the other.

    i have never spoke of them 'til now.
    for they've been locked inside my head,
    wishing to have a secong chance.
    wishing to see the world one last time.

    I only wish to have a picture of them....