• one day as i was leaving school my mom stopped to talk to my english teacher
    (i think they like each other).and my friend was getting ready to ride off on his bike.
    And all of the sudden two kids came out of nowhere and grabbed him,
    and start beating him up.
    Im on a very big ramp on the way down to talk to him. i see the kids and run towards them.
    i jump on one but the other one kicks me..... my friend gets knocked out as the one im on throws me off him and jumps up they start shoving me back and fourth.
    and then i see a silver object and feel a sharp twisting pain in my side.
    the boys let me go and start running, I hear my mom and teacher screaming ,
    i hear my teacher call the cops/ambulance and two fingers on my pulse.
    My teacher says Im still alive (which i am) i think i passed out for a second because now there are ambulances here, my vision is getting fuzzy now my second to last memory is,
    Hearing the medic say "he's gone" and my mom screaming. i start to drift into a warm place.
    Then i hear Shrill cry and my mom screaming NOW YOU KILLED TWO PEOPLE ,
    and a gunshot then a "thump" next to me wakes me back up i see my mom,
    a bullet in her head, holding a gun. now she always said shes going to hell,
    because she is an alchoholic. But i swear when i "saw the light" ,
    Walking towards the huge gate of heaven slowly creeping open, i felt a hand slip into mine,
    I looked over it was my mom a beatiful angel smiling. she said she asked god
    to forgive her before she died and it looked like apology accepted.