• I have decided to educate this generation in a class all my own called Old, But Still Good. Everyone always hears about what the newest music is, but no one ever talks about how truly wonderful older music can actually be. I have chosen Sting as the topic of discussion today. He is an Englishman who moved to New York, and actually started out in a band called The Police. The song that made The Police famous was “Every Breath You Take” released in 1983 on the cassette Synchronicity. (Yes, this music is from the time when cassette tapes ruled the music industry)
    Personally, if I had to pick on of Sting’s best songs I would have to say it would be “Epilogue (Nothing ’Bout Me)” for one of his solo albums titled Ten Summoner’s Tales released in 1993. This particular tape was produced within our time period, and yet not many people have ever heard of the man who could be called one of the best songwriters of them all. The lyrics for “Epilogue…” is completely genus:
    Lay my head on the surgeon’s table,
    Take my finger prints if you are able,
    Pick my brain, pick my pockets,
    Steal my eyeballs and come back for the sockets,
    Run every kind of test from A to Z,
    And you’ll still know nothing ’bout me.

    Sting has made a great impact upon my life. His music gives me strength in my times of weakness, and I feel as if maybe I’ll be able to fit in somewhere even if it’s not here. He writes music that comes straight from the heart. I would recommend any of his tapes, or C. D. s to anyone who needs something good to listen to, and lift up their spirits. This music speaks to me, and I can feel a field of gold surrounding me, and a bright, silver moon when I play the song “Fields of Gold”, and I can picture a music video to “I Hung My Head”.
    If all songwriters could express their thoughts, ideas, and/or feelings people would actually listen to the meaning meant for everyone that’s going through a hard time, or just needs to relax. No one can brighten up a day like Sting, and his wit is difficult to match. With this I shall leave you to your thoughts about maybe giving different music a chance.