• hahahaha Evie where high on laughing gas arnt we? said the chubby
    kid with dark brown curly hair with light hazel eyes to mach. As the slim girl
    with deep tanned skin spun to face johnny her short wavey dark drown hair
    flew to the right side of her face, then she squented her almost pitch black as
    at johnny with a funny look and said., whats wrong with you first off their is no
    laughing gas in the air second off we dont even own any and third of what the
    hells wrong with you? Im telling you thier has to be laughing gas in the air
    yelled johnny.s**t!!!!! it wont work. why wont it work!? yelled evie. what calm
    down dads still asleep. wispered johnny. look the computer is all lag e like! An
    now i cant use gaia anymore!!!! complaned the young girl while pointing
    to the computer. As Johnny got out of his chair to see
    whats wrong with the computer he stared to stumbull over his feet when he
    slowly walked over.