• Everyone has a different meaning to life, because no two things or people are the same. My meaning to life is to life for, stand for, and fight for what I believe in. No matter how much some things may hurt me or cause me not to want to carry on, it brings me through. I believe in fighting and creating a better future for myself. I want to prove those doubtful thoughts wrong. There is an old saying that so many people tend to over look or blow off, but don't. it true and it works. " You can do anything within reason if you set your mind to it."
    Never doubt it. You might think that you'll never be successful, but how do you think the people you look up to and admire got that way? They followed what they wanted to do, knowing that they could do it and now look where they are. Being admire by you and others, changing the world, reaching the success that most of us think is never possible. If they can blow those doubtful thoughts out of the water, why can you? So always put your mind and heart into whatever you do.