• I woke up 5:30 in the morning. It was minutes before the sun goes up and I had to go and have a shower. I got a hot shower and put on my uniform. I looked up at the sky and now it was a light blue color. It was a sign that the school-bus was near. After a while I heared my schoolbus heading towards my house. I got my bag and said goodbye to my dog. Filipino "Schoolbusses" arent really busses. There like vans and Jeepneys with air-conditioning. I sat in the front and moved the aircon away from me. It was already sunny and only 3 of us were there. The first thing I do is catch up on sleep. I always sleep in the school bus it became a habit.

    When we neared school I woke up and unlocked the door. I popped out of the bus, streached my hands and yawn before I go to my classroom. It was dead quiet in the school center as all of my schoolmates were probably sleeping that time. My classroom was on the 4th floor, and I always get tired going trough those stairs everyday. When I was at the 4th floor I always give a big sigh before walking to my classroom. When I entered it was still quiet. Only 6 of us was there. I dropped my bag, kick it below my table and put down the chair. As always I sit down, let another big sigh and ask my classmate if there was an assignment. If there was then I'll finish it before 1st period, with the help of my friend's paper of course... bullies, normal people, varsities and all go to the nerds and becomes equal for a momment. I copy my assignment and sit again to my chair and chat or sleep.

    After a while our class adviser will come up to us and make us line up outside for morning rituals. Filipinos are relegious people. Even the most bad person in our class stop and pray. After the morning rituals it's first period. Because it's first we really are tired and sleepy, heck, were sleepy the whole day. Still some classes, even Algebra, becomes fun sometimes. There's always the time for jokes in every class. And sometimes random funny things happen. Like when a wrong student enters in the class room and we stop for a while. We stare at the student and laugh as his face redden and goes away. Sometimes we have free time and that's the best thing our teachers can give to us.

    Bullies. We have those but not the bullies you know. Our bullies, well... bully people, but asks for forgiveness after. Nerds are treated like free homework dispensers and normal people sometimes play with the bullies by...bullying others. Varsities and bullies in our class are like brothers, they treat each one with respect. People in our class all becomes aquinted in the 3rd day and becomes friends in the 2nd week. Fight's and hatred take only a day before it heals. You can hate this person now and the next thing you know your with him in lunch. When class assignments are made this is the part where your social level is thrown away and everybody works together. We always goof off everyday, wich can sometimes leave to a demerit or more goofing off.

    Luch and recess are like vacations for a student. Here they can catch up on copying assignments and goofing around the class room. When a fight breaks out of the class room every people has the right to stop them. When boxing starts everyone is the referee, some get hold of the other and same goes to the other one. After that a period or two they apologize and get along. And that's all about my high school life. When it comes to 4th year all will become stable people. Bullies nerds and varsities become one as the air becomes serious.

    That just about it... COMMENT!!!!