• Howling and not getting a response...
    Travelings on your own...
    Hunting for game without help...
    What does thart sound like to you?

    Kiawa, formor alpha male, exile from his pack.
    he trots around the mountain passes on the Rockies and is trying to go north. But where he is going, no human or documentary crew has touched in ages.
    He feels pretty safe.

    He marks his territory and stops to rest like any type of animal would do, but he is at his own pace. He guesses a step up on being a lone wolf.

    You only take care of yourself.

    His grayish tanned body camoflouges in the trees and he can smell his prey in less than a second, the scent making his nostrils flare. Suddenly he is in a sprint. Dodging trees and lightly jumping over obstacles in his way. Her flicks his knicked ear and looked around, his humoungeos head swooping from side to side.

    Then the sound of a mother come by. He ays no smypathy until he sees the sight. Both a female dou and her fawn on the ground, their legs connected to a trap. They looked at their predator and knew of their doom either. They wouldn't struggle if they were going to be this Gray wolf's next meal.

    Kiawa, being an oppertunist and cautious, looked around again and then moved in to feast on his prey. He snapped their necks violently and ate without a second thought, He knew that it was a cruel way to live, but it was life and you could just change the cycle of life.

    And so, Kiawa's journey still leads on as he leaves teh forest that leads to another moutain pass along with the rest of his journey to find his own sanctuary.