• I was watching The muppet show pilot and i realized, This sucks how this became a show of anything is beyond me. But mabey what made it so popular was it's new entertaining host Kermit,or mabey it was it's new add'ed "Comedy Sketch", or mabey it was something different.Which brings me to todays Topic "Cancallation". Which leads me to.

    The 5 Hit Series Never Made

    5.Heroes The Recruit
    If you have ever watch the origional series, you know it kicks a**. Unfortanently the writers know this too, so they all gatherred together and made a Spin Off Series.....3 Times. First there was Heroes Destiny(Which Sucked!), and then there was Heroes Nowhere Man(it was about a fat guy that could control people. I can just smell the ratings!). And Finally there was Heroes The Recruit(the good one!). It was about a military women(HOT!) who took a vaccine that gave her the ability to teleport. Other men took the vaccine and it drove the them to insanity and they began to kill eachother(I Smell Bioshock!). Which caused the building to collaps. There is more story to it but what i said was the good part.

    4.The Xtacles
    X!X!X!X!X!X!X!X! Xtacles! Super Robot Dudes Wearing High Teck Aurmor Suits~
    Give It Up For AWSOME X! The Xtacles were a spin off of a unpopular show called Frisky Dingo!It's because no one got enough of those"BOOSH" loving robot guys! It was a good idea at the time but it was air'ed at the worst of time,3:00. It's adult Swims worst time because people are iether asleep or getting ready to work, usually both. It's life only lasted two episodes.

    3.Kappa Mikey
    I can see how this one got canclled. But come on! Every comedian jumps on the chance to make fun of the Japanese even the Japanese! ITS IN ARE NATURE! It was'nt much on the funny side but it was on the Honesty. It showed the Japanese animators and writers that they hav'nt changed a bit sense Dragon Ball Z. WE ARE TIRED OF DRAGON BALL,GUNDAM,AND INUYASHA! Later that year Kappa got its pluggeed pull'ed and faded into the worst of Nickalodean shows. But right after it was canclled the Japanese Animators and writers flooded out a variety of anime.
    .Paranoia Agent
    .Witch Blade
    .Welcom To NHK
    .S.G.T Frog
    .A bunch of yuri i will not list(talk to me after the show)
    You See! And It's Not Even In Wikipedea!Speaking Of Wiki

    2.Bioshock-Rayn's Rapture
    If you play'ed the game...your gonna watch the series about the creation of Rapture and Andrew Ryan. It was prannounced in 2008 that it would be released. Its 2009 people you have to get with the time this is ending up like starcraft 2. I WAITED 2 YEARS WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME!. Moving On, What it is now is just an unmade series with only 3 trailers, just waiting to be bought and made. So you'll have to wait about 3 years(or untill someone Koffs up the dough!)

    1.Tenacious D
    YEAH! NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY ROCK IS STILL KING! Tenaious D was a rock comedy with Jack Black and that other guy playing the main characters. It only lasted 6 episodes but those 6 episodes was the biggest hit on NBC until Heroes came. It was canclled becase of it's adult issues and palooza of cursing, and because NBC is a family chanlle your pretty much screwed there. In a attempt to get there show back was to make a movie with the original actors a few years later. It failed Misrably but it was still funny as hell!

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