• Sorry for the delay of yesterdays topic, had things to do. Alright then back to bisnuss. for todays topic's research i had to go into town and meet a certin type of gaian....Types actually. So Today's Topic "Type". And what better way to explain then gaians! This make's me avoid Black jokes,jew jokes,asian,jokes,white jokes,Spanish jokes,scottish jokes, and Myke Tyson jokes(No joke intended). Are am I~

    5 Type Of Gaian's You see Around The Site

    We've all seen them, they around every town which is pretty annoying. Something they would say would be like this(This Really Happen To Me).
    &*&^:I Like Devild Egg Ham!
    Kauzo:Here's 40 gold just dont touch me.
    They come in two varietys one are funny and one are just freaks of society speaking of freaks.

    4.Cosplay Life
    Nothing is wronglike dressing upp like your favirot anime character but acting it like it is. I understand dressing like a super heroe or the inner bisnuss man(Talk about me 5 months ago...) but no you guys have to act like the troll or that meow, meow New York or whatever the hell that anime is called...iether way it sucks...say what you will the story plot of it mmade no real scenc......it makes bobobo look damn right understandable,only diffrence between them two was one of them wasa a good show. Here's another one of my experience's.
    Troll:Have you seen my daughter
    Kauzo:I think i'll just head for the pool now.....
    Kauzo:Have A Nice Day.
    Oh well at least it could've been worse....wait a minute.

    3.Sex Crazed!
    For this one i went to the cenima and rally was'nt hard finding these guys. Not to mention they're usually around the houses or towns. It's like a furry party without the costum,or is it~. They baisicly go around the area of gaia and look around for other crazed members. They then have pretend sex and mastubate as they type so i really have no other words for this one. here's my expreince from the cinema.
    Kauzo: (Im Checkin out the movies then the couple behind me goes)
    ******** me!
    Girl:Harder! Harder!
    Sorry thats as far as i go. But unlike the rest on this list these are more commonly found.

    If your confused, so am I. What they do is appear in town call people names and leave.They wear black so be weary of them. In fact just today while i was in town.
    Kauzo: (Me talkin to FG94 about a project we are going to do together on gaia SPOILER!)
    NINJA!: (Walks Behind me and says"Your A f**." And Leaves)
    Kauzo: DAMN YOU NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They're the one's that give us annoucments and and such. Im pretty sure you know who they are anyways they're the most rare to find on Gaia in public and are usually doing something good for the website or whatever is more profitable. But then there are some that you just dont belive actually have accounts. first of all the skittles guy...the one in the hospitol chair. First an actual person makes the gaian and then it is later tun by the computer to place advertisment.

    On the entirnet they are called Bot's. What they do is make a computer make a fake account and place advertisment on any site it has been accounted. What sucks about them is if you have a website in which you have to pay for advertisment like world of warcraft they get it free and any tom hoolagen can use it. as long as they know the password.My Pm to the Skittles Guy
    Skittles Guy:Hello please visit us at www.Taste The Rainbow.com
    Kauzo:Uhh..alright then.
    Skittles Huy:Hello please visit us at www.Taste The Rainbow.com

    Alright im about done for today. If you want to pick tommarow's topic just Pm me it and we'll see where that goes. AGE DOES NOT IMPLY!

    Good Bye For Now