• A kitten! Just as cute as a little ball of fluff! That would sleep in your lap! Small enough to fit in a pumpkin pale! Oh, if I could have a kitten like her again!
    I looked down at her. Fur as white and creamy as ice cream itself. Black paws, ears, and a tail as dark as charcol. Deep blue eyes that you could get lost in, if she ever opened them for more than 5 seconds.
    Purr, Purr, Purr! My kitty purred as she slept on my lap! This kitten could sleep anywhere she was for more than a minute! If you sat her down outside a valcano that was about to erupt, she would probaly fall asleep! A pumpkin pale was once her bed that she layed in while you carried her around. This kitten would sleep next to my brother, my dad, mom, ANYONE!
    Meow! She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes. Betting she was hungry I took out a can of food. Tuna, her favorite! Poring her some milk while she ate the tuna.
    "Can Katty sleep in my room while we go to school? I made her a nice bed in a basket!" Asked my brother beaming. "No, she is staying in the guest room and the bathroom!" Replied my mom. Her litterbow stayed in that bathroom and my mom had put a gate to keep her in that area. No telling where she slept in an empty room or a bathroom but she most likely slept all day!
    Whenever we came home she would wake up. Wait patiently at the gate to be fed. We would feed her and play with her.
    One day she sat under our reclining chair. My mom sitting, wacthing TV. When she put the foot rest down as she sat up. Hearing my mom scream I knew something wasn't good. There was my kitten stuck under the chair with the bar cutting her neck. Goodbye, I thought, she was going to die but somehow I thought praying, hoping, and not accepcting the fact would make it not be true!
    Making me feel somehow connected to my grandma made me cry twice as much as a normal person would. Cried for my grandma and my kitten.
    Even if I lost my first kitten this experince taught me how to take care of a living animal that relies on you to stay alive. Really I didn't relize how diffrent a toy cat and a live one could be so diffrent. How much greater living one can be.