• 10 October 2009
    I and my cousins, Orion and Zach Parfrey, with my mom and step dad, Rocky, and Orion’s girlfriend went to a scary haunted trail. Then that night after we dropped off Taylor we went home and did the usual. Sit on the couch, watch TV, listen to music, and write stories. (Or at least I write the fiction stories.) Anyways this is my side of the story. I was just sitting on the chair listening to music when out of the corner of my eye I see Orion heading for the door and then jumps 5 feet in the air and alls I hear and see is the door swing open and wind rushing in.(That’s what I thought it was.) So I take my headphones off and fast. Then I hear a chainsaw and saw someone run in after us with a weadwacker. I screamed bloody murder while Orion was cowering on the floor. I cried and was frozen with fear. My life flashed before my eyes.
    Now here is Orion’s side: So I heard a light sound from out front and I go near the door and I hear it coming closer and closer. “Brianna, do yo—“I couldn’t finish the sentence because I ran and as the door swung open I dove to the ground. The only words that escaped my mouth were, “OH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!” As I hit the ground I saw a person with a ski mask with a weedwacker attempting to kill us. My life flashed before my eyes and I didn’t know what to do but stay on the ground and panic. Scariest thing in my whole life.
    Now here is Zach’s side: I was making bagel bites when I heard a crash and then a weedwacker go off. I panicked and hid behind the counter but then got up. (There go’s Orion being a dumbass again.) I thought. I was wrong. I saw a guy with a weedwacker running into the house and I froze. I jumped and almost wet my pants.
    If that guy was a real killer we all would have failed and died. It was the scariest night of our lives. We found out that it was just Rocky and started to laugh so hard. Unfortunately I was crying and laughing at the same time and my mom never videotaped it. I have never cried when I got scared until now. Then through the whole night we stayed up all night and were scared that someone was going to scare us. It was fun yet annoying.