• wassup! this is Inside Gaming 154 #1 13/10/09

    hey there my name is Emo-Rukia15k and this is Inside Gaming 154 anyways before we get started i need to do some introduction i need to do

    so what is Inside Gaming 154?

    Inside Gaming 154 is just like Inside Gaming that Machinma does but this ones different but lets go to machinima

    what is Machinima?

    Machinma is a halo website or shoudl i say game website

    how it began?

    machinima began in 2007 after halo 3's release but actually redvsblue was the first machinma series

    waht does machinima do?

    machinma well it links up alot of details about games and news and if you wanan know whats it for? then glad you ask people make their halo videos on that website with good ratings and all that stuff you'll make godo progress so machinima iis just a halo and game website so you can laugh your asses off in

    for starters what does Inside Gaming 154 do anyway?

    well for that its my very own Inside Gaming 154 news game to let people read and see whats happening in the game and the outside world

    now you know whats it about lets go to the news


    last couple of months DeadPixel made great progress in machinima they've made heaps of episodes and they're still doing it! last year they made Inside Halo which was the first machinima news updates by Sodagod now his gone we only have deadpixel where is Sodagod? well who the ******** do i know?

    wierd man: hey Rukia I'm very happy for you but i wanna let you finish but Beyounce has one of the best videos of all time! of all time!

    me: shut up damn it! ********* wierdo.....*

    anyways lets check out five games of the week


    lets check out some games shall we?

    5th game of the week is Brutal Legend

    as you all know today that Pitch Black is going to be in the game called Brutal Legend with Aussie Osbournce and other rock starz even so you might think this is a kids game but its not its pretty voilent for kids oh and kids if your not going to piss your pants in this game then you might enjoy it

    so i give this game 4/5 the game is coming out in PS3 and Xbox 360

    4th game of the week is Final Fantasy 13 not the other one

    yes! we finally have some girl on girl action! lol as we all heard a new game is coming out of the Final Fantasy series and how many series they made? fourteen? dear god maybe sixteen cause they'r eother games on the DS anyways theres heaps of trailers that came out of the game so yeah anyways Deaeadpixle would love the game lol

    i rate this game 5/5 for the greatest square enix game of augh....s**t almost said it

    3rd game of the week is Left 4 Dead 2

    more blood? more weopons? more heroes? damn right! vovle has everything you need for survival camp! you might know that this might has some new gameplay in the game cause hitler would be soooo pissed anyways volve released some gameplay footage and trailers and if your up to survival modes more than rooster teeth failed on, on number one then do so please

    i rate the game 5/5 for the amazing game besides it won actually on Inside Gaming so its the best game in history

    2nd game of the week si beyonnetta

    this game would be hooked with a sexy girl you play as this game is about you play as this girl right? and you go and fight for the crown for some reason all i know that i only seen the trailer except the gaemplay footage so they're has to be a gameplay footage on youtube

    i rate the game 4/5 and going to be on PS3 and Xbox 360

    and final and last 1st game of the week is Starcraft 2

    i heard that starcraft 2 is going to come out next year we've been waiting for liek two years or so! damn it blizzard sure you can't face up to Warhammer 40k cause they're now an award winning game! anyways they released some cool game footage previews and heaps of trailers trust me this game is goign to be a blast

    i rate this game 5/5 for the best strategy game ever ty blizzard

    one more thing!

    you know halo? yeah i've been a halo fan for awhile so heres this news halo is going to be an anime!

    the movie is caleld halo legends and bungie is gonna have to get some little bit of story pieces out of the movie so yeah i know what your going to say cause yoru gonna say taht the japs are going to ******** it up and all but hey the japanese made anime for us so stfu who hates anime anyways can't wait for the movie! ^^

    anyways i'll stay in touch with you all goodbye gamers!