• hey there this is Inside gaming 154 14/10/09!

    hey this is Emo-Rukia15k here with some News Alert!


    hey gamer fans you do all know about dead or alive and final fantasy series and kigndom hearts will you know whqaaT! there is a guy name Monty Oums who is the greatest guy who can make cool 3D not those crappy ones but he made halo vs metroid and made Dead Fantasy! as in Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy! Dead Fantasy is about all of the DOA and FF girl characters fighting each other and guess what Kairi is in it even so he made about two episodes last year watch it on youtube "Dead Fantasy" anyways this year he made episodle 3 im trying to find the full one but i can't but anyways this time theres blood affects even so the first fight in episode 3 will be Tifa and Nitome in this one i think Tifa dies! cause she was being beaten up by ninja's first got beaten the crap out of Nitome and even got beaten the crap by ninja's! i can't watch this! i don't want Tifa to die!!!!!! anyways thats all the news folks i'll stick with you around!