• Shadowraidian- Epilogue :

    We Were Sprinting through shadow to shadow, Traveling, Speeding Far far away from what we just witnessed. a bloody massacre of all of our friends, almost the whole clan had been eradicated, Only 7 of us left. Suddenly it happened. A shadowraidian burst through the shadow right in front of us, wielding a Dark dagger. Dark Steel, The weapon that can hurt us the most.
    Under his helmet i could see who he was It was one of my old friends, The ones who attacked our clan, our home! He made a swipe for one of our party, Our friend dived into the nearest shadow, Where the foe followed, "NO!" I pleaded but kept running, as he pulled his palm out and made the shadow Erupt in blood, There wasn't any Form in that shadow. Our friend was lost. And we Were all That's left. 5 New shadowraidians and an Teenage boy. We were doomed.