• Dear Everyone,
    Look around you right now. Drop everything and look around for anything new. What do you see, a new piece of art work on the fridge, or maybe a new tree in the park? Why haven’t you notice these things before? Is it because you have been to “busy” with your so called “Life”? I’m ashamed of you! You have been given so many beautiful gifts to notice yet you just ignore them. Is it because you think you have no time? Well make time! I don’t care if you are a busy city worker, a governor or the president of the U.S.A.
    When you read this today I want you to take a moment and look around at all the wonderful things you have been given. Be thankful for every thing. Now I don’t mean you have to go and say thanks for all the little things in your life. Just say thanks for the big things like your faith, family, your health, the fact that you’re not dead. Anything that is important to you. You have been given wonderful gifts all around you and its time you started to notice them. So go out, notice something new and be thankful for every day you have here. It could always be worse.
    And remember… I’ll be watching.