• The sky was anything but still, it was a rolling heaving mass of rage. Black as pitch, only the small distant gray patches broke up the mass, showing where the lighting was. Rain fell, millions of tiny drops filled the air, shinning like pieces of heaven falling, illuminated by the distant lighting. The sky had a hazy feel, thick with water, the steam the rose off the oversize yellow coffee cup only added to the murky night.
    The air was alive with electricity, the taste of it lingered, shallow and metallic .The soft ping, ping, ping of rainfall covering was almost lost to the senses. Somehow the weather seemed to awaken the primitive side of human nature.
    A small breeze raised the hairs on his body, his bare chest seemed to glow with out the moon, he was so pale.
    His eyes were pressed closed, and his hands rested softly on his head making the tilt of his body seem more then it was. His whole body dripped, and looked spent as if he had been working in the rain. The water beaded off him, dripped into small neat puddles the light of their short lived life -- gone, and they were once again dead, as black as pitch.
    His Body had an unhealthy bluish purple tinge, he was cold.
    However he wouldn't come in, there was a thunder storm, which was rare in the summer, and as far as he knew I was in bed asleep. This time was his own un-seen by anyone; little did he know my eyes were fixed on him, unwavering – burning this single moment into my head so I could have it with me when I left again. The whole thing was an unreal sight, something I thought I would never see.