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    The smoke, slowly rises from my lips and I swallow a bitter taste in my mouth. The vast city before me is cast in darkness, only small lights flicker in my vision. I sigh, feeling content, yet, feeling disgust. Uncertainty rises around my body and soaks itself into my clothes,

    my hair,

    my skin.

    What a beautiful scene I have to view below me, but I don`t feel satisfied. As splendid as my surroundings are, I feel nothing.

    Should I feel content?


    However this feeling has seemed to escape me ever since I set foot into the unknown.

    I breath in the fumes and for a moment feel a sense of relief, but it leaves just as quickly it came.

    I chuckle and shake my head, knowing I am not helping myself.

    But really...is there any point to it?

    A cool breeze pricks my skin, but is it the air I am feeling? It's crawls much deeper.... and somehow...it's nostalgic. Just like the haze settling onto my shoulders.

    And then I wonder.

    Was this all for me...or for someone else?